How can I submit a customer support request for an offerwall ad?

Step 1: Open the app where you first engaged with the offer. Be sure to use the same device.

Step 2: Go back to the in-app store where you saw the offerwall (typically called “Free Offers”, “Earn Coins” or something similar)

Step 3: Click the three menu lines in the top left corner (sometimes called the “hamburger menu”)

Step 4: Tap on “Reward Status”, then on “Opened”

If you do not see the offer

This could be for a number of reasons: 

  1. It is under 72 hours since you completed your offer: If you only just completed your offer, please wait a day or two for our platform to communicate with the advertiser’s platform. Offers are not always instantaneous.
    • Why this might happen: An advertiser may choose to send their offer completion data to Tapjoy in a big group instead of as offers are complete.
  2. It is over 72 hours since you completed your offer: The offer should appear in “Opened”
    • If it doesn’t appear, check whether it has already been awarded.
    • If the offer has not already been awarded and you do not see it, carry out the following checks:
      • Are you are using the same device?
      • Have you reset your device’s device identifier.
      • Have you waited too long; some offers are limited-time-only, and if you wait too long (60+ days), we can’t always access the data record of your clicking on the offer.


If you see the offer:

Click on the offer and follow the steps to submit your case and attach proof of offer completion. Proof of offer completion includes a screenshot of what your device shows upon reaching the required level in the game, or your receipt for purchasing an advertised product. For more info visit this FAQ page.