If you recently received an outcome on your case that you are unsatisfied with, you can submit a request to have the case re-visited through our Customer Resolution Center.

We will work with the game advertiser to re-investigate the issue and ensure that all cases are fairly resolved.

Please follow the steps below and one of our Rewards Specialists will review the case within 4 working days:

  • Fill out your contact details. This will help us easily find the case that you are referring to and any other previous cases you’ve submitted. 
  • Let us know if you’ve already submitted a dispute for this case. Please allow 4 working days for us to process your dispute request. If you’ve previously submitted a dispute within the last 4 days, please be assured that we are currently working on it and will be in touch soon. If you have not heard back in 4 working days, please reach out via Direct Message on Twitter @TapjoyCS.
  • Provide the denial reason given to you (select from the dropdown provided) as well as the date your case was denied. This will help us determine which partners we need to work with to investigate your case further, or if this was a technical issue on our end. 
  • Select which app you were playing on. This will help us identify any potential trends in unsatisfied users playing on specific apps. 
  • Tell us what you believe is a fair resolution and provide supporting documents. We want your feedback on what you believe is a fair and reasonable outcome for your case. Please also attach any documentation (e.g. proof) that will support your claim. 

Once you submit the above information, a Rewards Specialist will review your case. We hope that we can work with you to come to a resolution that works for all parties.