What Exactly Is the Tapjoy Maximum Impact Platform™?

Notice anything new about us? No, we didn’t get a haircut. We launched a new website recently, complete with a fresh redesign and brand new messaging.

Why now, you might ask. Tapjoy has been evolving rapidly over the last several months (and years, for that matter), and we wanted to launch a new site that reflected the full depth and breadth of our offerings. While some clients know us as a marketing automation platform, or a rewarded advertising platform, or sometimes just “the offerwall company,” the truth is that we are all of those things and so much more.

The first thing you might have noticed is that we are now calling ourselves the Tapjoy Maximum Impact PlatformTM. That’s to signify the tremendous impact we have on our partners’ businesses, whether publishing partners looking to grow their apps and monetize their audiences, or advertising clients looking to engage with mobile audiences.

To understand what’s behind the new Tapjoy, let’s take a look at what we have to offer each of those audiences.

App Developers: Maximum Growth, Engagement and Revenue

As an app developer, if you haven’t looked at Tapjoy lately, it’s time to give us a call. Here are just a few of the offerings you might be surprised to learn we have:

  • Rewarded Video Ads: We have rewarded, HD-quality video ads from a diverse portfolio of trusted advertising sources, so we’ll always have great videos that allow your users to earn virtual currency and in-app rewards.
  • Mobile Ad Mediation: We’ve partnered with several of the top ad mediation players — including MoPub, Fyber, Ironsource and AerServ — to enable developers to access our premium video ad demand through best-in-class mediation platforms.
  • End-to-End Platform: For developers who want the highest level of targeting, personalization and monetization, Tapjoy offers the industry’s most comprehensive, end-to-end platform, combining segmentation, predictive analytics and marketing automation to enable you to serve the best offer to the right user at precisely the right moment.
  • Offerwall Plus: The next generation of mobile offerwalls, Offerwall Plus features an improved user flow, new customization capabilities, an enhanced graphical interface, and more.

Advertisers: Maximum Engagement, Maximum Performance

Advertisers also have a number of reasons to check out the “new” Tapjoy, including:

  • Rewarded Video Ads: With our SDK embedded in more than 12,000 apps, including many of the biggest and best gaming apps, we have access to the best mobile video ad inventory found anywhere in the world. We offer 98% viewability and 85% completion rates.
  • Rich Media: Brands can engage directly with consumers through our interactive ad units. Don’t have your own creative? Rely on our creative services lab and one of the many customizable templates we offer.
  • Programmatic: The Tapjoy Private Exchange opens up Tapjoy’s premium in-app, opt-in mobile video inventory to programmatic ad buyers via Rubicon Project’s platform. Get 85%+ Video Completion Rates and 4% Post-Video Click Through Rates, available via VAST tags through PMPs.
  • Uplift in Branding Metrics: Our choice-driven value exchange ad model not only drives great performance for our advertising partners, but it was found by comScore to deliver a 3X boost across all major branding metrics as well.

While there are lots of new reasons to come talk to us, one thing hasn’t changed: our dedication to our partners and our commitment to revolutionizing the mobile industry. So take some time to explore our new web site, and then give us a call to talk about how we can make a maximum impact on your business!

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