February 22nd, 2013

Video Makes the Mobile Star

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If mobile advertising isn’t still in its infancy, it’s in early adolescence. It’s figuring out who it is (or isn’t), what it can (and can’t) do, and most importantly, what works.

Like any other pre-teen, it’s learning. One of the first life lessons in mobile advertising is that it isn’t like web-based advertising. With a much more personal experience, a litany of different screen sizes and a different type of interaction, what worked online just doesn’t translate to mobile.

At Tapjoy, we consider ourselves pioneers of what does work on mobile. And lately, video is helping drive some impressive successes for mobile advertising campaigns, for major brands in the auto industry, CPG and more. Here are a few examples:

GMC: GMC ran their video ad through the Tapjoy Marketplace and found results significantly better than when it aired on TV. For the mobile viewers, brand awareness was 33% higher, brand recall was 42% higher and video drove more than 71,000 mobile users directly to GMC.com.

Conair: Conair was able to raise brand affinity by almost 8%, awareness by almost 6% and purchase intent by nearly 10% in less than two months. How did they do this? By using Tapjoy’s newly upgraded video-viewing experience, Conair’s video advertisement had more than 800,000 video views in just seven weeks.

Financial Services: When this financial services company aired their video ad on the Tapjoy Marketplace, general recall was 21% stronger and brand recall was 12% higher with mobile viewers than with television viewers. The video earned more than 730,000 completed video views, and they were all initiated by the mobile user themselves.

Movie Trailer: We recently posted a horror movie trailer in the Tapjoy Marketplace, providing in-app premium content to users who watched the full trailer. The results: awareness of the movie was 273% higher among those who had seen the trailer on Tapjoy, with a click-through rate to Fandango of nearly 3%.

One of the most exciting facets of our model is that it promotes a direct line of engagement between the brand and consumers. In all of these examples, it was the consumer who chose to engage with a brand, because the brand offered quality, interesting content that appealed to them — like a movie trailer. This is what our innovative platform is built upon: that direct line of communication where the consumer decides what interests them the most.

Every day, more and more brands are figuring out how mobile works for them. Just like when you were a teenager, brands should remember that it’s OK to experiment once in a while. And video on mobile devices is a great place to start.

Jim Jones, Vice President and General Manager, Sales


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