May 17th, 2017

User-Friendly Monetization Tip #5: Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your VIPs

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In our blog series about “User-Friendly Monetization,” we’ve been exploring several strategies that app developers can use to monetize their apps while still putting their users first. Previous posts have covered strategies such as allowing players to boost or extend gameplay after failure moments, conducting currency sales and IAP promotions, surprising users with rewards for no reason, and giving paying users a limited-ad experience. You can read all of our recommendations by downloading the complete white paper “App Monetization Strategies That Put Users First.”

In today’s installment, we’ll look at the time-honored tradition of treating your VIPs like, well, VIPs.

Las Vegas casinos are accustomed to rolling out the red carpet for their biggest spenders, offering them private suites, free champagne, personal attendants and any other perks they can come up with. It’s their way of engendering loyalty and making sure those big spenders don’t take their business to a competing casino. Sandwich makers do it too, by offering their VIPs a free sandwich for every ten sandwiches they pay for.

This same strategy — treating your VIPs with special care — is employed everywhere from hotels and airlines to retailers and even your local watering hole. So why shouldn’t mobile game developers use it as well?

There are a number of different ways to identify your VIPs — whether it’s those who have spent the most, played the longest, played most frequently, came from a specific source, or by any other definition. Different games have different measuring sticks for what makes a VIP depending on what their goals are at the time, whether growth, engagement, monetization or something else altogether.

Here are just a few of the ways you can give your VIPs special treatment:

Offer an exclusive, limited-edition virtual item only available for VIPsEnter them into monthly sweepstakesDeliver special rewards, even offline rewards and physical prizesGive them early access to new levels and content before anyone elseWhen conducting currency sales, give them higher bonuses than other players

Tapjoy’s analytics and segmentation tools will allow you to build segments based on whatever criteria you decide makes the most sense for your app. From there, it’s easy to deliver campaigns, promotions and other content just to your top VIPs.

For a free consultation on how to treat your VIPs like the VIPs that they are or to learn more about user-friendly ways to monetize your app users, contact us for a free consultation today.


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