March 1st, 2017

User-Friendly Monetization Tip #4: Give Paying Users a Limited-Ad Experience

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We get it. As a Free-to-Play app developer, you need to generate income in order to keep your business afloat. But that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to upsell, cross-sell and oversell your users at every turn or inundate them with annoying, interruptive ads.

Our white paper “App Monetization Strategies That Put Users First” explores several app monetization strategies that enable you to generate significant revenue and provide a user-friendly app experience at the same time. In this installment of the blog series based on the paper, we take a look at the practice of providing paying customers — who monetize effectively already — with limited ads.

Most users of free-to-play apps have come to accept that ads are part of the trade-off for getting the content for free — much like TV audiences understand that eight minutes of ads are a price worth paying for every 22 minutes of content. However, if given the choice of limiting the number of ads, any user would likely jump at the opportunity.

For those users who regularly make in-app purchases, or even those users who are predicted to pay, why not give them the limited-ad experience they deserve? After all, these users are already monetizing effectively. You may be able to wring some incremental revenue out of them by also monetizing through ads, but you are just as likely to distract them from the in-app

payment they were about to make. By removing most ads from their experience, you’ll enhance their overall user experience and keep them focused on not only the gameplay action they love but the in-app purchases they’re more likely to make.

Tapjoy’s predictive analytics, user segmentation and marketing automation capabilities make it easy to identify paying users and deliver different user experiences to them versus non-paying users. And with Tapjoy’s Future Value Map, you can also identify users who are likely to pay in the future and stop them from seeing ads as well.

Even though the ad-based model has proven vastly preferable to the pay-to-play model — and Tapjoy’s rewarded ads have proven to increase engagement and retention — offering your paying users a limited-ad experience is one of the most user-friendly ways to increase monetization.

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