May 31st, 2018

UK Consumers Plan To Spend World Cup Halftime Breaks Playing Mobile Games

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New Tapjoy consumer survey finds mobile gamers are most likely to click on film trailers and ads for sports content.

The World Cup remains the single largest media event in modern history, drawing a global viewership of more than 3.2 billion. It’s especially beloved in the UK, where more than 20 million passionate viewers tuned in for the final match between Germany and Argentina in 2014. With this year’s tournament fast approaching, we asked UK citizens how mobile gaming fits into their World Cup experience. Twenty-six percent of respondents said they planned to spend halftime breaks enjoying games on their phone, so we decided to drill down and learn more about this unique segment of devoted mobile gamers and how the World Cup impacts their mobile habits.

Among these halftime gamers, 47% were female and 53% male. They skewed younger, with 41% falling into the 18-24 age bracket and 24% between 25 and 34.  There were, however, a fair number that were either approaching or progressing through middle age, with 21% in the 35-44 bracket and 13% at 45 or older.  

Our survey results also suggested that those who like mobile games, like them a lot. When asked how many hours they spent playing mobile games every week, only 6.3% said less than an hour and 22% said between one and three hours. Far greater were the number of respondents who spent more than three hours playing mobile games every week, with 36% clocking between three and six hours and 34.7% playing for six hours or more.

When asked how many matches they planned to watch throughout the tournament, responses from the halftime gamers were fairly diverse. Twenty-five percent planned to watch between one and four games, while 35% planned to watch between five and ten. A substantial number had plans to watch more than ten matches, with 19% planning to watch between 11 and 20 and a whopping 21% planning to watch 21 matches or more, resulting in an awful lot of mobile gaming sessions.

The preferred device for watching matches was primarily television at 62%, but a significant number of respondents (34%) planned on using their phone or tablet. Only 3% planned to watch on either a laptop or desktop. Regardless of the medium, the overwhelming majority of halftime gamers (83%) planned to watch games at home. Only 7% planned to watch at a pub/bar and 5% planned to watch on the move.

We also asked respondents what types of in-app advertisements they were most likely to click on during the tournament. Thirty-six percent said that film trailers were most likely to get their attention, with sports content coming in as a close second at 25%. Ads for other mobile apps or games came in at 15.79% and ads for retail or shopping experiences at 11.58%. The least interesting ad content turned out to be ads for travel at 5.26%, ads for cars at 4.21%, and ads for consumer electronics at 1.05%.

Finally, we asked mobile gamers what types of in-app offers they were most likely to engage with in order to earn virtual goods like coins or timer accelerations. Fifty-nine percent said they’d be willing to watch a video ad and 53.68% said they’d play a game. Many were willing to complete a survey at 30.53% while fewer respondents were willing to install another app at 23%. Six percent said they’d be willing to register for a free trial service and only 3.16% said they’d complete a purchase if it included complimentary virtual goods.

As the data suggests, film and sports marketers looking to connect with a diverse audience of highly engaged consumers during the world cup would be well-served to invest in a mobile ad campaign. When you’re ready, contact a Tapjoy ad sales rep to get started.

Interested in learning more? Click here to see our full EMEA infographic. We hope you enjoy this year’s tournament, whoever you’re cheering for!


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