Top Ten Quotes from Postback 2018

Couldn’t attend Postback 2018? Fear not, we’ve compiled ten of the most insightful quotes from last weeks’ conference.

The latter half of last week industry leaders across all facets of the technology marketing space traveled to Seattle for Tune’s Postback 2018. With an agenda full of diverse sessions showcasing innovation, panelist collaboration and networking opportunities from sun up to sun down— there’s no question it was a conference to remember. Whether you attended in person, watched a live stream or missed it all together; consistent industry themes resurfaced, but with shiny new approaches to tackling them. Keynote speakers and panelists alike all provided eye opening takes on the current mobile ecosystem, fraud protection/detection and the invaluable role of creativity.

Intrigued? Take a look at our top ten favorite quotes from Postback 2018.

“With the App Store being around 10 years now, and without another massive hardware shift in the future— you have to focus on innovating within the ecosystems you’re already in, find natural extensions and look to opportunity in platforms that aren’t already ’won’ by massive shareholders.” – Ben Chen, SVP & GM of Developer Relations of Tapjoy

“We have to self-police, come together with a common understanding of what a legitimate id is, and know as a buyer where the incentives are for mobile fraud to ultimately show them they have no place in this ecosystem.” – Brian Wong CEO & Co-founder of Kiip

“Next for the influencer space: authenticity, role of creativity and more regulation.” – Benjamin Wong Creative Influencer & Founder of Von Wong

“The only thing you cannot automate is creativity it is the one protection humanity has against technology” – John Gibbons, Principal Product Manager of Atom Tickets

“Chances are if you asked every person in this room, every one would have a different definition of what fraud is.” – Kristina Congiusta, Head of Growth Operations at TMGA

“CMOs now have to be Chief Data Officers as well.” – Michael Kahn, Global Brand President of Digitas

“It is all about getting and engaging an audience over time. Sometimes it’s not achievable to give them what they want and turning business away is ok” – Mick Rigby, CEO of Yodel Mobile

“Creative is the first impression, then the audience has to be transferred to a more personalized experience. You have to think what’s the creative going to be to get them to engage and keep exploring and discovering.” – Robin Chacko, SVP of Starz

“Most companies are stuck in data 1.0 to 2.0, they’re still missing that critical step of realizing that to get the most out of their big data they need to build a real human understanding based on big data to become insight driven.” – Dr. Tricia Wang, Co-Founder Sudden Compass & Global Tech Ethnographer

“Customer feedback is important in defining loyalty. When we first started we had big ideas to revolutionize mobile banking- customers said, ‘If you want me to be loyal: make it simple, make it easy, make it fast— help me get on with the rest of my life.’ And that was revolutionary for fin-tech, making it simple rather than making tools to complicate things.” –Patrick McCarthy, Global Head of Marketing CITI FinTech of Citi

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