TOKYO GAME SHOW 2016 RECAP: Apps, Monetization Tools and Famous Comedians!

[:en]Tokyo Game Show is typically one of the largest annual conventions in the gaming industry, and this year’s event was no different. Big brands like SEGA, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and Capcom had a variety of captivating booths, with exciting draws from game character cosplay to Virtual Reality. Every year the event brings lots of visitors, from game developers and investors to game players themselves.

Altogether, the event brought more than 271,000 visitors over four days (two Business days and two Consumer days), and Tapjoy’s Japanese team had the pleasure of hosting a booth in the Business Solutions section, where we delivered some surprises.

The focus of our booth this year was to promote our LTV platform and showcase monetization tools such as our in-app offerwall and direct play videos as they appeared in publisher apps ranging from Puzzle/Simulation games to Love/Romance Simulation, Tower Defense and Zombie Action games. We also had a backdrop design showing the evolution of Tapjoy from our in-app offerwall in 2011 to Mediation/TJ Exchanges in 2016.

While some booths had girls wearing sexy costumes, Tapjoy’s booth had two comedians: Daisuki Miyagawa and Joke Togo, creating quite a buzz through articles and social media. The top search result for Instagram’s hashtag “#TokyoGameShow2016” was our comedian’s name (as of Sept 16, 2016). We clearly got a lot of attention, and partners who visited our booth had the chance to not only learn more about our offerings but also get to know Tapjoy’s unique personality.

Interested in learning more about us? Let us know! We can walk you through demos of why we are the only complete monetization platform.

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