February 21st, 2017

Three Ways to Integrate Rewarded Videos Into Your App

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[:en]The mobile video ad market is big and getting bigger every day as advertisers look for the most effective way to get their message in front of mass consumer audiences. While US advertisers spent $4.35 billion on mobile video ads in 2016, that number is expected to double by 2018 and nearly quadruple by 2020.

That’s good news for app publishers looking to get their share of the pie. Free-to-play app developers, in particular, are finding that their audiences are being highly sought after by brands, agencies and performance marketers eager to connect with consumers on their favorite and most personal devices.

From a user experience point of view, it’s easy to see why video ads have become so popular. The ad-supported model itself is greatly favored by consumers over paid content, nearly 2-to-1, and among all ad formats, videos are perhaps the easiest and fastest to complete. And then there’s the fact that most video ads today offer at least some level of entertainment value, as many brands are using the video format to present what are essentially short-form films that inspire, engage or make people laugh out loud.

Taking the user experience to the next level are rewarded video ads. Not only are they easy, fast and entertaining, but they offer users the chance to earn virtual currency or premium content in exchange for just a few seconds of their time. It’s no wonder that rewarded video ads are the fastest growing ad type in the mobile market.

Everyone knows about pre-roll and post-roll videos, but if you’re an app developer looking to cash in on the mobile video ad market, Tapjoy offers several ways to integrate video ads into your app. Here’s how:

User-Initiated Videos

Let your users watch video ads at any time with the tap of a button. Tapjoy’s User-Initiated video link can be integrated anywhere within your app to let users watch as many videos as they’d whenever they’d like. Most publishers place the button on their “Store” page or wherever users would normally go to look for in-app currency or virtual merchandise, as seen in the example below. This option is ideal for users who are actively seeking your premium content and are clearly motivated to earn rewards by watching videos.


Present users with an in-app message that appears during natural breaks in the action — such as in between levels or upon app open — and offers them the chance to watch a rewarded video. The message might even tie into the context of the experience. For instance, when a user has just failed a level, you can present a message that says something like “Improve your chances next time by watching a video and earning currency.” Tapjoy’s Message-to-Earn integration allows users to tap on this message and start watching the video right away. This option is a great way for raising awareness of rewarded videos among all users and reaching them during the contextually relevant moments that matter most. You can also reach users outside of your app by sending them a push notification that offers them the chance to earn virtual currency by watching videos; just use our Push-to-Earn ad solution.

Offerwall Plus

Allow users to scroll through a variety of video ads — alongside other types of offers like surveys, quotes, discounts, app installs and more — by integrating the Tapjoy Offerwall into your app. Users typically access the Tapjoy Offerwall by visiting the app’s storefront or merchandising page and then tapping a “Earn Free Points” button (or a button with similar copy). And now Tapjoy offers Offerwall Plus, an innovative new version of our industry leading offerwall that provides new customization capabilities, an improved user flow, and an enhanced graphical user interface. The Tapjoy Offerwall works great for users with an unending appetite for video ads — or any other type of ads for that matter.

Rewarded video ads are an excellent source of app revenue, and there are several ways to integrate them into your app appropriately so that users can take advantage of them. By adding Tapjoy’s Direct-Play, Message-to-Earn and Offerwall Plus ad units to your app, you’ll start generating extra revenue right away.

Contact info@tapjoy.com with any questions, or get started with rewarded video ads by signing up for an account today.


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