January 29th, 2018

The UItimate Offerwall Guide: Best Practices to Maximize Revenue, Case Studies & More

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Our latest e-book explores the unique benefits of offerwall monetization, outlines 6 best practices every developer can take to boost engagement and revenue, and features case studies from PONOS and Smule.

At Tapjoy, we’re dedicated to helping developers maximize revenue while providing the best possible experience for their users. In our latest e-book, we take an in-depth look at one of the most tried-and-true methods of freemium monetization: the offerwall.

An offerwall is quite literally a “wall” of offers that are presented inside an app, allowing users to scroll through and select their choice of rewarded ads to complete in exchange for virtual currency or other in-app rewards. It has remained a mainstay form of app monetization since the early days of freemium simply because the value exchange model works so well for both advertisers and users, and it is a natural complement to an app’s existing gameplay.

While rewarded video has become increasingly popular due to its low friction nature, there are a number of compelling reasons why app developers should consider whether offerwall is a good fit for their game.

In this guide, we explore a few of the unique benefits of offerwall monetization, including how it can help developers unlock higher ad revenue potential, drive a lift in IAP (in-app purchases), and empower user choice and boost engagement. In addition, we explore six key strategies that publishers can employ to boost offerwall conversion and ensure that they maximize the value of every user. Download it now!



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