February 22nd, 2017

The Solution To Ad Blockers? Opt-In, Rewarded Ads That Consumers Love

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Many consumers have voiced their disdain of unwanted ads in mobile apps. And now, through the use of ad blockers, consumers are fighting back. eMarketer reports that 20.7 million people will use an ad blocker on their mobile device this year, an increase of 62.3 percent over last year.

Publishers and advertisers should resist the urge to get angry at ad blockers. It won’t help to call names at software like AdBlock Plus. Control is in the hands of consumers, and in their eyes, advertising often intrudes without adding any obvious value.

The solution to ad blockers? Showing consumers ads that they actually want to see. That’s why mobile has become a hotbed of innovation for new ad types — including rewarded video. Rewarded video offers consumers something of value — premium content that is native to the app that they’re already in — in exchange for providing their time and attention.

In 2016, advertisers should be looking at how they can actively engage with consumers in a way that they deem valuable — so they will actually choose to engage with the ads, not block them. Tapjoy, with its network of over 520 million users worldwide, offers an opt-in and rewarded experience that users do not block. For more information, reach out to advertise@tapjoy.com.


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