November 16th, 2017

The Modern Mobile Gamer: A Marketer’s Guide to Holiday Gaming Trends

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In a survey of over 20,000 consumers worldwide, Tapjoy’s latest study explores projected mobile gaming trends and behaviors for the 2017 holiday season. Get the report.

There is no arguing the significance of the mobile gaming market: global revenue is projected surpass $50B in 2017 and grow an additional 15% in 2018. Yet, many marketers have been slow to embrace the medium — often due to misconceptions about audience quality or diversity, or to lack of information on how to best connect with this audience.

Tapjoy’s Modern Mobile Gamerreport is designed to help marketers better understand the preferences and behaviors of today’s mobile gamer. In our latest edition, we surveyed over 20,000 individuals across North America and Europe to explore projected gaming trends and behaviors for the upcoming holiday season. Here are a few highlights from the report:

8 out of 10 mobile gamers will play more often during the holidays
30% estimate they’ll play an additional three or more hours per day, while 11% report they’ll play an additional five or more hours per day. The holidays are also a time when mobile gamers are curious to try out something new: Most will install at least one new game
72% of mobile gamers intend to download at least one new game during the holiday season, and nearly half (43%) will download two or more games. Gamers are most likely to download a new Action title
Respondents said they would most likely download a new Action game, followed by Puzzle, Adventure, Strategy, Simulation and Casino/Card games. Gamers are more likely to engage with in-app ads during the holidays
57% of gamers reported that they are more likely to watch in-app video ads and complete other ad offers during the holidays. Rewarded video ads and surveys appeal most to gamers
When asked what type of rewarded ads they were most likely to engage with this holiday season, mobile gamers cited watching videos as their top choice, followed by completing a survey and installing a new game or app. Gamers are most interested in movie trailers and entertainment ads
When asked what type of ads interested them most during the holiday season, mobile gamers reported that were most likely to click on trailers or ads from entertainment brands, followed by ads for other mobile games or apps.

To learn more, download the complete report . For more information about how Tapjoy can help you maximize your revenue this holiday season, contact our team.

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