December 18th, 2018

The MMA And Innovid Just Made It Easier To Find The Most Effective Video Ad Platforms

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The Mobile Programmatic Video Buyers’ Guide can help you find a video advertising platform that meets your specialized needs.

There are a wide range of video marketing platforms that advertisers and agencies can work with, each with unique features and capabilities. Choosing between them can be a difficult task, which is why Tapjoy is working with the Mobile Marketing Association and Innovid to develop and maintain the Mobile Programmatic Video Buyers’ Guide.

The guide provides mobile marketers with the marketing intel they need to implement the most effective mobile video campaigns. In its current state, the Mobile Programmatic Video Buyers’ Guide includes self-attested data from supply partners including supported platforms, verification processes, global scales, audience verticals, and more. Each of these partners act as “video players” and inventory providers across in-app ecosystems, and can deliver the most scale and best experience to your intended audience.

Naturally, Tapjoy is included as one of the premiere mobile engagement and monetization platforms in the industry (not to brag or anything). For the past decade, we’ve used leveraged our cutting-edge technology and expertise to acquire high-value users for our platforms. Here’s a taste of some of Tapjoy’s data points featured in the Video Buyers’ Guide:

US Scale: 150 MM monthly active Global Scale: 750 MM monthly active Fully transparent; App Bundle and app name passed in bid request Direct SDK in 10K+ apps 1st party data segments across all apps Support for OM SDK 98.45% Viewable and Human traffic via MOAT

And the guide won’t stop there. The MMA is currently working on a companion tool that provides educational information on mobile programmatic video. Once completed, these resources will act as living reference documents to help advertisers find platforms that meet their specialized needs.

You can find out more about the MMA’s Mobile Programmatic Video Buyers’ Guide right here, along with a sign-up form to be notified about new updates and releases. We’d like to thank the MMA and Innovid for helping put together such a highly effective tool!


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