December 12th, 2018

The Media Rating Council Has Endorsed IAB’s Open Measurement SDK Certification Program



Tapjoy is one of the early adopters of the IAB’s Open Measurement SDK.

Last April, the IAB Technology Lab released its Open Measurement SDK, a set of tools designed to facilitate third-party viewability and verification measurement for ads in mobile app environments. While the OM SDK simplifies and adds efficiences to processes running across multiple system platforms, it is not without its complexities. That’s why IAB unveiled the Open Measurement SDK certification program, which has just been endorsed by the Media Rating Council (MRC). Only 14 companies have been certified so far – including Tapjoy – with many more on the way.

Having completed the certification process, Tapjoy can speak to the inherent value of the OM SDK. Advertisers feel more confident in the value of our mobile inventory, while game publishers can easily access reliable monetization metrics using the SDK. We’d like to encourage all mobile marketers to join the measurement companies, global ad platforms, and major app publishers who are supporting this platform today.

“In the past, a lack of consistency in measurement artificially inhibited the growth of mobile in-app advertising,” said Paul Longhenry, Tapjoy’s senior vice president of strategy, corporate and business development. “The Open Measurement SDK gives our advertising partners an unprecedented level of transparency and measurement by enabling the independent, third-party reporting of their choice. Currently, around 75% of our inventory is OM-enabled and measurement is no longer the inhibitor it once was.”

Today, the OM SDK is at various stages of deployment in hundreds of thousands of apps, with a global reach of 2 billion Android and iOS devices. IAB currently plans to continue supporting the SDK’s adoption while enabling VAST and other ad formats to use the SDK in programmatic channels.

To find out more about the OM SDK certification program, please visit the IAB tech lab.


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