The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Offerwalls

Beginners Guide To Mobile Offerwalls


As the mobile industry matures, developers have no shortage of options to choose from when it comes to monetizing their users. One of the most effective and time-tested methods is the mobile offerwall. It combines all the benefits of high-performing ad formats like rewarded video and playables with the fun-factor of earning virtual currency. Offerwalls have the potential to generate unparalleled eCPMs while also fostering user engagement and retention. In this brief guide, we’ll introduce you to mobile offerwalls and their benefits for mobile developers.

What is a mobile offerwall?

Offerwalls are in-app advertising units that monetize apps through incentivized engagements. They can be implemented in any app that offers virtual currency and are most commonly used in mobile games for Android and iOS platforms. Offerwalls function as storefronts in which users can complete various objectives, such as watching a video or signing up for a free trial in exchange for in-app currency. On Android, these offers can also include incentivized offers to download and install promoted apps or even reach certain milestones in the game or app’s progression.

What are the benefits of mobile offerwalls?

Industry studies have consistently shown that mobile players are highly willing to engage with advertisements, provided they can do so on their own terms and receive something of value in return. Offerwalls satisfy this need by providing an opt-in portal for incentivized ad engagement.

Offerwalls don’t just benefit end-users: They have immense benefits for developers and advertisers as well. When a developer implements an offerwall in their app, our studies have shown that they consistently produce the following benefits:

  • More Ad Revenue – Apps with offerwalls see 2x higher average eCPMs than apps using rewarded video alone (Source: The Ultimate Offerwall Guide)
  • More Monetized Players – Offerwalls provide an alternative way of monetizing the majority of players who don’t complete IAPs
  • Positive User Experience – Offerwalls can be fully customized to match your app’s brand while providing a 100% opt-in advertising experience
  • Increased Retention –  Offerwalls let you keep your most devoted players engaged for longer by providing another avenue for them to earn virtual currency extending gameplay

How offerwalls function

After a developer integrates an offerwall into their game or app, they can add elements such as “Earn Free Currency” buttons to the native UI that produce the in-app storefront. These buttons can be placed anywhere in the app, but are most effective in the store, main menu, or “game over” screens. Upon launching the offerwall users are presented with various objectives that they may choose to complete in exchange for premium currency or in-game bonuses. This list is refreshed daily so that well-retained players can engage with new offers on a consistent basis.

Some common offerwall objectives include:

  • Watching a rewarded video advertisement
  • Fill out a survey

How to get the most out of your offerwall

When it comes to maximizing offerwall impact, mobile developers have several techniques at their disposal. By optimizing the offerwall design or strategically placing offerwall engagement CTAs, developers create a better user experience and in turn generate more revenue.

  1. Customize your offerwall – You can customize offerwalls to reflect the app’s native UI, including colors, fonts and brand imagery. A custom UI reinforces the feeling that offerwalls are part of the app experience which creates a smooth path for player engagement.
  2. Prompt users when they run out of currency – Developers can invite players to engage with the offerwall at key points during the gameplay loop. For example, a game over screen can link players to the offerwall for an extra life or additional resources.
  3. Promote offerwalls to non-payers – Developers can optimize offerwall messages and notifications by segmenting their players into three groups: payers, non-payers, and inactive users. This segmentation allows developers to maximize the value of each group without cannibalizing their IAP revenue. When implemented correctly, offerwalls have been proven to have a positive impact on player LTV:
    1. Apps with offerwalls usually have retention rates of at least 50%.
    2. Users who engage with rewarded ads are 4.5x more likely to make an in-app purchase.
    3. Currency sales increase conversion lift by up to 80%.
  4. Execute regular currency sales – Offerwalls can feature limited-time currency sales that offer higher virtual currency rewards. These deals increase the likelihood that players will engage with offerwall objectives and will continue to do so once a sale is complete.

For more tips, read our latest offerwall guide: “6 Tips For Maximizing Mobile Offerwall Revenue”.

The Tapjoy Offerwall

An offerwall is one of the best tools developers can use to monetize their apps, so don’t let the opportunity go to waste! For more information on the benefits of a Tapjoy-powered offerwall, download our first-party reports or check out our mobile monetization features.

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