The 5 Best In-Game Marketing Campaigns In This Year’s Halloween Content Updates


With the arrival of Halloween, each of these mobile games is offering unique content rewards to get into the season’s frightening spirit.

The Halloween season is a great time for spooky, horror-themed mobile content. It’s a rare time of year where ghosts and monsters can debut on any game or social media platform. In fact, according to Tapjoy’s 2018 Halloween engagement survey, many customers will actively seek them out.

From an in-app marketing perspective, the goal is to offer engaging rewards which entice players to take part in everything the event offers. For prime examples, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular mobile games and their in-app marketing for Halloween 2018


Pokemon Go Halloween Update

Pokémon Go

Start Date: October 23

End Date: November 1

Pokémon Go’s popular Halloween event has returned for another season. As always, content is available as free rewards on in-app purchases, but Halloween-specific content can only be obtained for a limited time. Niantic also offers double candy rewards for each captured Pokémon to encourage players to participate for the event’s entire duration.

Ghost-type and Dark-type Pokémon from previous years are returning, along with Special Research tasks unlocking a story involving Professor Willow. In terms of high-level content, Pokémon Go will feature raid battles with the Ghost and Dragon-type Pokémon Giratina. These will be available until November 20, giving players a chance to catch it after Halloween wraps.

Niantic also has announced some surprise content: a Halloween-themed Pikachu who wasn’t mentioned in the initial announcement. Reveals like these should keep players checking in for any new features they’d missed previously.


Clash of Clans

Start Date: October 23

Clash of Clans fans have previously enjoyed a “Haunting and Daunting” event for Halloween, where players must deploy a giant a Giant Skeleton unit on the battlefield. This creature will make a comeback in 2018, alongside a brand-new skeleton themed challenge. In “Barrel of Bones”, players must try and drop five skeleton barrels on top of enemies to earn in-game rewards.

Each skeleton event unlocks 200 gems, an in-game currency used to upgrade player villages. Gems are typically earned by completing in-game achievements or through IAPs, making these challenges a fairly easy way to earn rewards.




Start Date: October 24

Fortnite usually has a regular stream of content updates throughout the year, yet its latest patch is still the largest of 2018. That’s because Epic Games has included new monster-themed gameplay changes alongside the usual costumes.

Dubbed “Fortnitemares”, these Halloween event introduces a new type of AI enemy to the game. These opponents chase and attack players, but will drop in-game rewards when killed. The event also adds the Deadfire cowboy skin and Dark Shard tool, adaptive cosmetic items that change visually as the match progresses.

The new enemy type is freely available in all games, but the Deadfire and Dark Shard items cost a collective 3,200 V-bucks to purchase.



Start Date: October 17

End Date: October 31

Blizzard’s popular card game Hearthstone already gained horror-themed cards from its Witchwood expansion last April, but that’s not stopping it from celebrating Halloween. The 2018 edition of Hallow’s End is now live, and features a new Dual Class Arena and Headless Horseman Tavern Brawl modes for all players.

All players who log in during the Hallow’s End event will be granted a golden Witch’s Cauldron card as a free reward. On the IAP front, Blizzard is using this event to introduce Sir Annoy-O, a new Paladin Hero. This character is available exclusively through a $25 bundle which includes an additional 20 card packs.


PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Start Date: October 25

Most video games published across PC and smartphone platforms share Halloween events, but PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has one just for mobile players. “Halloweeks” introduces a new visual gameplay mode, reward items, and a deal-sharing menu that lets you haggle prices when trading items with friends.

Night Mode brings a day-night cycle to online matches. Each game starts with the sun in the sky, but night falls over time, which means players need night vision goggles to see effectively.

While all players can take part in Night Mode, other rewards require participation in Halloweeks events. Examples include Halloween vehicle upgrades, monster costume sets, and special weapon skins.

All of the events mentioned above include reward options for free-to-play and paying customers alike – maximizing the chances for engagement during the Halloween season. Whatever the nature of your reward content might be, giving everyone a chance to obtain it is the best way to ensure players have a Happy Halloween.


To learn more about how the Halloween season impacts mobile game engagement, be sure to check out or 2018 Halloween Engagement Survey.

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