March 16th, 2022

Team Tapjoy Time With Alex Rosenthal

Alex Rosenthal


Welcome to Team Tapjoy Time, where we take a moment to get to know the incredible members of our organization a little better. In this edition, we’re chatting with Alex Rosenthal, Senior Visual Designer and three-year Tapjoy veteran. 

How did you come to be part of Team Tapjoy?

Back at school, I was working on a lot of interactive art, combining my two degrees in art and computer science. I created interactive exhibits where people could push a button or touch a screen and change the experience. Generative visuals that respond to user input. I learned a lot of fundamentals of user-centric design and interactivity. I first heard about Tapjoy when I was researching jobs in the gaming industry. I ended up talking to Steve Wadsworth, Tapjoy’s former CEO, who pointed me towards an opening that came up at Tapjoy as a designer.

What’s a typical project like for you?

Typically the biggest projects I work on are designing Interactive End Cards for brands. We prepare mockups as a part of the proposal process to attract brands to sign deals. The proposal involves a lot of researching, gathering assets, figuring out what the KPIs look like, then brainstorming concepts with the whole design team. Then there are a few rounds of iterations and approval cycles. Once we have a design that looks like it’s finalized, we port the assets into our interactive experience builder, which involves coding. That’s the final step and it’s incredibly satisfying to see it come together. 

I’m also the person behind the brand design decisions of Tapjoy, things like company color, typography, etc. We just redid the website and we’re gradually refreshing our brand assets, revamping illustrations, and making hundreds of new web icons.

What’s a misconception about design that you wish you could fix?

People tend to undervalue the experience and ideas of designers. It can be frustrating to encounter this bias when we try to lend our perspective. If we make suggestions it’s coming from a desire to be helpful and get a campaign right. So if you work with designers, try to make them feel heard. And for the designers out there: Don’t be afraid to give input when you know how to make something even better!

Outside of formal training, schooling, or on-the-job experience, what kind of background or interests do you find most helpful in your day-to-day work?

I play a lot of tabletop roleplaying games. They’re a really good creative exercise that helps you learn to work with others in a creative setting. Playing tabletop RPGs also helped me develop my public speaking skills and get better at sharing ideas.

Finish this sentence: On my most satisfying days at Tapjoy, I _____________.

Create interesting new and rewarding experiences for people that people enjoy, rather than just put up with. 

Thanks, Alex!


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