Tapjoy’s Meghan McAdams Explains Why Games Offer the Most Brand-Safe Environment for Digital Advertisers

Meghan McAdams, VP of National Brand Sales at Tapjoy, takes to MarTechSeries to offer five good reasons why brands should advertise in mobile gaming environments

The Internet is a scary place. With everything from divisive politics and hate speech to terrorism and pornography to worry about, it’s no wonder that digital advertising professionals ranked brand safety as the most important media quality metric to measure in 2018. Over two-thirds of US marketers say they’ve suffered from brand safety issues, and more than half of them say it has happened more than once.

The safest environment for brands these days might be one of the last places they’d expect. It also happens to offer one of the most effective environments to help them hit their objectives, whether they’re seeking to drive brand awareness or measurable conversions — or both. That environment is mobile games.

Brands should embrace mobile gaming apps because:

  • Gaming content is developer-controlled
  • Games are made of high quality IP
  • Gamers represent desirable demographics
  • Games put consumers in an open, receptive mindset
  • Game developers are sophisticated

For a closer look at each of these reasons why games offer the most brand-safe environment for digital advertisers, read Meghan’s full article at MarTechSeries.

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