December 3rd, 2018

Tapjoy’s App Of The Month: SuperStar BTS by Dalcomsoft



This month’s app spotlight brings us SuperStar BTS by Dalcomsoft, an exciting, console-caliber rhythm game based on a K-Pop sensation: the Bangtan Boys.

The Scoop

K-pop fans rejoice! The production team behind one of South Korea’s most popular boy bands has partnered with Korean game developer Dalcomsoft to create an addictive mobile rhythm game that will test your skill — and your devotion to the Bangtan Boys, or BTS. SuperStar BTS brings console-caliber rhythm gameplay to mobile devices, which has historically been a big ask for many other developers. Let’s take a look at how they did it.

The Buzz

With an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on the App Store, it’s safe to say SuperStar BTS has been well received, even among seasoned mobile gamers who’ve seen their fair share of mobile gaming brand partnerships. Popular YouTubers have wasted no time in mastering the game’s highest difficulty settings and posting their achievements online, garnering hundreds of thousands of views in the process. Although the game does have an English translation version available, players in some English speaking countries may need to look into a workaround, as the game is not currently available in all markets.

The Gameplay

SuperStar BTS features a carefully structured difficulty curve that invites players in before gradually turning up the heat, leading to one of the most satisfying gameplay experiences available on mobile. Devoted fans of the band can collect virtual trading cards featuring each of the band’s members, though building a complete set will take time and skill. For serious players, the game features a competitive mode that lets them compete against their peers to climb the rankings and earn rewards. New missions released daily give players plenty of reasons to come back and try to level up.

The Economy

SuperStar BTS employs a tiered currency system to drive its virtual economy. Players can purchase “Diamonds” through in-app purchases or earn them through Tapjoy’s in-app advertisements. The Diamonds can then be spent on packs of collectable trading cards, which come in three varieties: normal, signed, and prism. Each variety offer players gameplay bonuses and increased points multipliers, improving their ability to earn currency organically. Cards of lower rarity can be used to upgrade other cards in a style reminiscent of the digital gachapon mechanics made famous by successful mobile titles Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and Fire Emblem Heroes.

The Skinny

With solid gameplay and an intuitive brand partnership to back it up, SuperStar BTS succeeds where many other mobile rhythm games have failed. It’s an intuitive, enjoyable title that offers all players a wealth of enjoyment while leaving room for the band’s most devoted fans to indulge their passion.


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