June 11th, 2018

Tapjoy’s Andy Chandler: In Mobile Advertising, Consent Is The New Transparency

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Andy Chandler, VP of EMEA at Tapjoy, chatted to Mobile Marketing Magazine about the relationship between advertisers and consumers, how it’s changing and why game publishers are ahead of everyone else.

It’s funny how few of the advertisers who demand transparency from their publishing partners are willing to give transparency to their consumer audiences. You’d think an organization that understands the importance of laying one’s cards on the table and showing what they have to offer would think to do so not just with industry partners but with their customers as well.

And yet many advertisers still don’t fully understand the relationship between transparency and consumer choice or consent. That’s why Andy Chandler, Tapjoy’s vice president of EMEA, took to Mobile Marketing Magazine to publish his thoughts on the topic. In an article called “In Mobile Advertising, Consent Is The New Transparency,” Andy explains why advertisers must begin the relationship with their audience by getting them to want to hear their message.

“In 2018, user consent is the most important form of transparency that exists,” Andy explains. “If advertisers and consumers are to forge honest, open and direct relationships, it must start with both parties laying their cards on the table and showing what they have to offer as it relates to their role in the value exchange.”

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