Tapjoy Teams Up With Singular For Certified Partner Program

Here at Tapjoy, we prioritize the delivery of transparent mobile campaign and attribution data to marketers. Our friends at Singular feel the same way, which is why we’ve joined forces in an initiative to improve our shared mobile ecosystem. We’re proud to announce that we are an official launch partner of Singular’s Certified Partner Program, which will set a new standard for data integrity.

Certified partners must meet all requirements of Singular’s program and be able to showcase high value to advertisers, including:

  • Data excellence: The partner is passing both aggregated campaign data and user-level attribution data.
  • Data governance: The partner is passing all campaign analytics data via an API, has complied with GDPR, and has committed to combating mobile app fraud.
  • Service commitment: The partner has a minimum designated list of mutual customers, is receiving training across relevant business teams on the Singular platform, and has committed to ongoing market development and account mapping efforts.

Singular Certified Partner Tapjoy

“We are extremely proud to be a trusted participant in the Singular Certified Partner Program,” Tapjoy SVP of Global Performance Sales Sarah Chafer said. “As a leader in the mobile app industry for over 10 years, our mission is to provide the transparent & qualified campaign data that all marketers deserve.”

Tapjoy is one of twelve launch partners, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, ironSource, Snapchat, and more. We’re pleased to be among such good company, and proud of our value to advertisers.

Visit Singular for more information on its certification program and existing partners!


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