March 15th, 2016

Tapjoy Signs Mobile Gaming Publisher Scopely to its Personalized Monetization Platform

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[:en]It’s GDC week here in San Francisco, which means thousands of developers will descend on the city to talk about the latest trends in game design, development, marketing and monetization. It also means that it’s been one year since the launch of our complete monetization platform, which pushes the boundaries for both marketing technology and advertising technology to help app developers deliver custom engagement and monetization campaigns to their users.

Since last year’s Game Developers Conference, platform adoption has taken off incredibly fast. It has grown from less than 500 app publishers in April 2015 to more than 7,000 apps today, and it now tracks more than 80 billion in-app events, optimizing over $1 billion in in-app purchase and advertising revenue every month.

Today, we are very pleased to announce a significant addition to the platform: Scopely, the leading touchscreen entertainment network. Scopely will utilize the platform in their top grossing titles including The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, Yahtzee® with Buddies, and Dice with Buddies. Tapjoy is the mobile industry’s only complete monetization platform, and our combination of data-driven marketing automation tools and advertising technologies empower app publishers to analyze in-app behaviors in real-time, segment users accordingly, and deliver custom IAP promotions, engagement messages, or rewarded advertising offers (including ads from leading mobile mediation platforms MoPub, Fyber and Aerserv) to the right user in the right moment.

Publishers can use Tapjoy to:

Acquire: We’ve driven over 1 billion app downloads for iOS and Android apps and are recognized as one of the most cost-effective, high-quality sources of mobile app distribution.Analyze: We help developers analyze in-app behaviors to understand what makes players tick, using predictive analytics to help determine the future lifetime value of each and every player.Segment: Players can be segmented into a nearly endless array of cohorts depending on their in-app behaviors, referral sources, devices, platforms, history or a variety of other characteristics and attributes.Decide: Tapjoy provides the insights necessary to help developers decide what action should be taken for each and every individual player, whether it’s serving an IAP promotion, engagement message, ad offer, or other type of campaign.Deliver: Tapjoy’s marketing automation tools then enable developers to turn their insights into action by delivering campaigns during contextually relevant moments — in real time — both inside and outside of the app experienceOptimize: Tapjoy has partnered with leading mediation platforms including MoPub, Fyber and Aerserv to let developers apply Tapjoy’s user-level segmentation and predictive analytics to mobile ad mediation, driving optimal ad pricing and fill rates.

For Scopely, its main goal with using Tapjoy is treating its players with respect. “Our focus is on providing the absolute best experience possible for each and every one of our players,” said Sally Lu, Senior Director of Advertising Monetization at Scopely. “Free-to-play gaming has evolved to the point where players both expect and deserve personalized treatment, and Tapjoy will allow us to provide that. We are very excited to put the Tapjoy platform into action.”

We will be demonstrating the Tapjoy platform all week in booth 814 at the Game Developers Conference. Please stop by to say hi and hear more about how we help developers such as Scopely personalize their engagement, retention and monetization campaigns in order to optimize the entire lifecycle of freemium mobile app users and increase overall lifetime value.


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