May 4th, 2017

Tapjoy Significantly Outperforms Mobile- In-App Benchmarks for Viewability & Engagement

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By Shannon Jessup, CRO

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For centuries, philosophers have been asking what happens when a tree falls in a forest and nobody’s around to hear it. More recently, mobile advertisers have been asking, “If I run a video ad campaign on mobile and nobody sees it, do I really still have to pay for it?”

Unfortunately, all too often, advertisers do have to pay for video ad campaigns that very few people actually watch. It’s an issue that has become nearly an epidemic in this day and age of limited viewability, rampant fraud, and startlingly low completion rates.

Here at Tapjoy, however, our Maximum Impact Platform™ ensures that advertisers are able to reach real, live humans who actually engage with their ads. And to prove it, earlier today we announced a partnership with the third-party measurement firm Moat to provide independent viewability and attention measurement for video ads on our premium in-app ad inventory.

Aside from giving advertisers total confidence in the performance of their video ad campaigns, the partnership with Moat also proves the efficacy of our network. Moat studied our performance for Q1 of this year, and they found that our in-app video ads delivered 98 percent viewability, 81 percent completion rates, and high rates of Audibility and Viewability On Completion (AVOC) as well.

For the record, those numbers crush mobile industry benchmarks.

What’s our secret? For one, the value exchange model — otherwise known as the rewarded ad model or opt-in model — enables us to make sure that our ads only reach actual human beings who have chosen to watch them. In other words, there’s no way a bot or fraudster could game our system the way they game so many other ad networks.

And then there’s the fact that our network is made up almost entirely of mobile gaming apps, and as we explain in our recent report on “The Changing Face of Mobile Gamers: What Brands Need to Know,” consumers feel happier and more engaged when playing mobile games than when using other types of apps. In fact, consumers are twice as likely to say they feel relaxed when playing mobile games than they are when using social apps, and they also feel more focused (35% vs 11%), happier (34% vs 21%), and more engaged (35% vs 20%) on gaming apps than social networking apps — putting them in a more open and receptive mood for engaging with ads.

There are other reasons, too, like our superior targeting capabilities and the nature of the in-app environment over the mobile web, but at the end of the day what advertisers care about most is independent, verifiable proof that their ads are working.

And thanks to our partnership with Moat, advertisers can now feel 100% confident that the ads they run with us will significantly outperform other mobile ad campaigns for viewability, completion and engagement.

As to whether a falling tree still makes a sound when no one is around to hear it, we’ll leave that to the philosophers.


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