December 18th, 2017

Tapjoy research finds that currency sales drive 45% lift in earnings per user

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Study finds that temporarily increasing offer exchange rates leads to significant burst in NEPDAU

A new study conducted by Tapjoy reveals that offerwall currency sales lead to a 45% lift in average earnings per user. The study was published as part of Tapjoy’s new Maximum Impact Report, which details a number of best practices that developers can implement to maximize offerwall revenue, including currency sales. Currency sales are limited time promotions that offer users the chance to earn more virtual currency than usual for every ad they engage with.

To examine the impact that currency sales have on revenue, Tapjoy measured the average NEPDAU (Net Earnings Per Daily Active User) for 30 participating iOS and 30 participating Android apps during a three-day weekend currency sale (Fri-Sun) in May, 2017. These results were then compared to the average NEPDAU during the weekend prior, when currency exchange rates were not discounted. The findings concluded that:

90% of the Android apps and 87% of iOS apps studied demonstrated an increase in NEPDAU Across all apps studied, the weighted increase in average NEPDAU was 45% The weighted increase for Android apps was 50%, while for iOS apps it was 36%

Further supporting the evidence that currency sales can drive significant bursts in revenue is a recent case study conducted with PONOS, developer of the hit app Battle Cats. The case study, also included in Tapjoy’s Maximum Impact Report, found that participating in a 4-day currency sale led to a 4x increase in ad revenue for Battle Cats, followed by a sustained lift of 89%.

Tapjoy’s platform makes it easy for publishers to run a currency sale at any time that they wish, or to join one of Tapjoy’s scheduled holiday currency sales throughout the year. In addition, Tapjoy’s latest update to Offerwall Plus offers publishers the ability run Permanent Currency Sales, which means that publishers can target specific user segments and automatically offer a currency sale promotion if a user meets certain criteria. Permanent Currency Sales can be used to achieve a number of objectives, such as incentivizing user loyalty, shortening time to conversion for new users, or re-engaging offerwall “churners”. Click here to learn more or contact your account manager to get started!


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