December 21st, 2018

Tapjoy Ranked As A Leading Hyper-Casual UA Source In Tenjin Benchmark Report

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Tapjoy has recently been ranked among the top advertising networks for hyper-casual games in the world.

Here at Tapjoy, we’ve spent lots of time working on hyper-casual games, the mobile sub-category that practically became an overnight sensation. We’ve partnered with some of the world’s most successful hyper-casual publishers to deliver high-value marketing campaigns — now we can safely say it’s paid off for everyone involved.

Earlier this month, the good folks at Tenjin published their 2018 hyper-casual benchmark report, a comprehensive analysis of 240 million game installs using in-house data. While reading, we spotted a great shout-out for Tapjoy: we’re one of the top hyper-casual user acquisition networks in the world, and among the most cost-effective advertising platforms. Wow!

We’re absolutely thrilled to learn Tapjoy has played such a major role in developing the hyper-casual genre, and would like to assure you we’re not stopping here. We’ll continue to leverage our powerful advertising technology to help marketers from publishers large and small, while helping you best engage with mobile audiences. We also publish our own in-depth white papers, showing marketers how to connect with a wide range of high value audiences.

Don’t forget to take a look at Tenjin’s full report, which has all kinds of fascinating details and insights. (Did you know Mexico is one of the most cost-effective nations for iOS publishers?) If you’d like to find out how Tapjoy can help your hyper-casual game or campaign, please reach out today!


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