Tapjoy Mobile Champions: Harry Wilkins of MediaMath

In the latest edition of Mobile Champions, we chat with Harry Wilkins of MediaMath about all things programmatic, fraud prevention, and the future of AI-based advertising.

In the latest edition of Tapjoy Mobile Champions, we sat down with Harry Wilkins, Senior Analyst, Publisher Development, at MediaMath, to discuss all things programmatic, fraud prevention, the future of AI-based advertising, and the difficult choice between pizza and fish & chips. Check it out!

Tapjoy: Can you start by telling us a little about yourself, about MediaMath, and what you do there?

Harry Wilkins: I’ve now been at MediaMath for over a year, receiving the opportunity to join full-time after completing MediaMath’s Marketing Engineer Program (MEP). I studied Marketing, Advertising and Communications at University in the UK, joining MEP promptly after finishing my degree. My work here is focused primarily on our Curated Market, being the company’s proprietary premium supply product. Our mission is to always bring our advertisers the highest quality inventory with their marketer goals top-of-mind. In order to achieve this, we partner closely with publishers to carve out their offerings in a data-driven approach to create a mutually beneficial unity between the buy and sell side that is rare today in programmatic partnerships.

TJ: How is MediaMath different from other programmatic ad companies?

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