July 19th, 2017

Tapjoy Makes the Grade

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Enter the Next Generation of Programmatic Buying by Participating in Brand Safe, Curated Marketplaces. 

As the programmatic industry approaches its 10th anniversary, the old days of playing tag with everyone & anyone on the playground have faded away. The industry has graduated to a more sophisticated model that is focused on increasing scale and efficiencies for advertisers.

The buyers are now at the head of the class, demanding greater control of how and where their ad dollars are being spent. The need for a cleaner, more transparent, higher quality marketplace has never been so important for brands and that is why we are seeing an increased adoption of curated marketplaces.

Curated marketplaces give the control back to the buyer by providing access to inventory from a wide range of publishers. These publishers are handpicked against criteria such as viewability, audience composition, screen type and most importantly brand safe content. The marketplace is presented to the buyer under a single Deal ID, providing a one-stop-shop solution for advertisers while delivering the control & transparency they demand.

The class of 2017 has never been stronger, as many DSPs such as SpotX, MediaMath, TubeMogul, Adelphic and Turn focus on curated marketplaces for programmatic video advertising.

Here at Tapjoy, we are excited to participate in these marketplaces and allow advertisers to tap into our brand safe inventory, one game at a time.


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