February 22nd, 2017

Tapjoy Launches TJ Recommended To Automatically Optimize Ad Content

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Manually optimizing ad content is like hand-washing your clothes: why hand-wash when you have a washing machine?

Today, Tapjoy released a new feature called TJ Recommended to take care of the chore of optimizing your ad content for maximum revenue. TJ Recommended helps app developers serve the most appropriate ad content to users based on their personal preferences and likelihood to convert. It taps into the data of your apps and makes intelligent decisions on what the right ad type is for the right audience.

To date, most app developers have been manually optimizing ad content by setting the Tapjoy platform to serve various ad content such as the Offerwall, Videos or Interstitials based on certain criteria. Many developers simply default to showing video ads because users are most receptive to video. While this may be the safest approach, it is a one-size-fits-all strategy that neglects a valuable user segment — those users are highly motivated by rewards and likely to convert on offers through the Offerwall.

The Tapjoy Offerwall not only provides higher rewards to Offerwall Lovers, on average it generates 6x more revenue than video for developers. The potential revenue can be 50% or more by switching from video only to TJ Recommended, as shown in this (simplified) graphic:

To get started using TJ Recommended, developers simply select the option as an ad type in create/edit content:

From there, we automatically optimize the ad content at both the app- and user-level. Each user has his or her unique conversion patterns that we use to serve whichever ad type they are most likely to convert on. At the same time, each app has its unique ad pattern, which is used as the guideline to serve Offerwall and Video to the new users. New apps will generally start with 50:50 of Offerwall:Video and adapt as the algorithm learns from app and user conversions.

TJ Recommended is now available to all apps. The product can currently be used with Message to Earn, Native to Earn and Push to Earn content types, but it will be expanded to other Tapjoy products shortly. TJ Recommended does not require an SDK update but does require the right SDK to show one of the “To Earn” content types. It will be available for stand-alone ad types like Video and Interstitial ads in the near future.

At Tapjoy, our goal is to leverage mobile data and intelligence to help app developers deliver better, more personalized app experiences that both delight users and generate more revenue. TJ Recommended is just the latest example of how our analytics, marketing automation and monetization products work in unison to accomplish these goals. We hope you’ll test it out and let us know how it goes.

To learn more about TJ Recommended, contact your account manager or email support@tapjoy.com today.


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