Tapjoy launches Offerwall Plus to help mobile developers monetize better

Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat

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“Tapjoy has unveiled a new version of its alternative offer monetization platform, dubbed Offerwall Plus. The platform has new customization, an improved user flow, and an enhanced graphical user interface.

It’s all aimed at helping mobile app and game developers make more money. Offers are special ads that are tailored for people who don’t want to spend money in an app or a game. If they agree to watch an ad or perform a task that an advertiser wants done, then the user gets an item that they would otherwise have to pay for.

San Francisco-based Tapjoy has had its offer platform for a long time. But Offerwall Plus is designed to be more effective. In beta testing, Offerwall Plus drove a 20 percent increase in average revenue per daily active visitor compared to the older version. It is now available for all mobile and game app developers through the Tapjoy Software Development Kit.”

Check out the full story in VentureBeat: http://tap.tj/X17130by7hv

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