October 18th, 2017

Tapjoy Launches Interactive End Cards, Enabling Brands to Influence, Engage and Convert Audiences through Mobile Video and Rich Media

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20th Century Fox taps Interactive End Cards to drive four percent click-through rates for campaign promoting “War for the Planet of the Apes”

SAN FRANCISCO — October 18, 2017 — Tapjoy, the Maximum Impact Platform™ for mobile advertisers and app developers, launched today an innovative mobile advertising format called Interactive End Cards as part of its Interplay™ Advertising Suite, the industry’s leading vehicle for in-game rewarded advertising. Interactive End Cards turn traditional video ads into highly interactive, rich media ad experiences that allow marketers to further engage consumers with their brand story and turn audience interest into measurable action.

Among the first advertisers to leverage Tapjoy’s Interactive End Cards was 20th Century Fox, which used the new product to promote its major motion picture, War for the Planet of the Apes. The international campaign featured a full length video trailer followed by an interactive slider to further engage audiences. Users could swipe the slider up or down to reveal images and descriptions of the film’s main characters, and they were then given the chance to click out and purchase tickets. The campaign drove an 88 percent video completion rate and a 4 percent click-through rate (CTR) to purchase tickets — a rate 3.5 times higher than industry-wide CTR’s for mobile video pre-roll campaigns*.

“War for The Planet of the Apes is a premium, high calibre franchise for 20th Century Fox, so it was crucial that our ad campaigns were of an equally high calibre, in both format and placement,” said Izzy Hedges, EVP of International Media for Vizeum, 20th Century FOX’s central media agency. “Our goal was to deliver exceptional results in both awareness and affinity for the film, while driving measurable performance in the form of trailer views and click-throughs. Tapjoy’s new Interactive Ends Cards enabled us to present a trailer first, followed by a branded experience that really brought the movie’s characters to life. The format is new, exciting and premium, and it complements our studio-quality advertising.”

Interactive End Cards add branded, customizable ad experiences to video ads in order to help boost a marketer’s upper-funnel branding metrics such as awareness and affinity, as well as its lower-funnel performance metrics such as click-throughs and conversions. Marketers can choose from a wide range of Motion Ads™ prompting audiences to swipe, flip, fold, wave and spin their mobile devices to further engage with brands and their products. Each end card concludes with a call to action such as making a purchase, visiting a website, downloading an app or following a social media channel.

All Tapjoy video ads are verified by Moat, a SaaS Analytics company focused on delivering 3rd party measurement and Attention Analytics to marketers and publishers, for viewability and audibility. Previous testing showed that Tapjoy video ads deliver 98 percent viewability and 85 percent completion rates on average, with post-view click-through rates of approximately three percent.

“Our new Interactive End Cards take mobile video advertising to the next level,” said Shannon Jessup, Tapjoy’s chief revenue officer. “While mobile videos are extremely effective for raising awareness and driving upper-level branding objectives, they fail to truly engage audiences and directly involve them in the brand’s story. With Interactive End Cards, marketers can capitalize on consumer attention by allowing audiences to interactive with their products or services in fun and meaningful ways.”

Tapjoy also offers advertisers real-time A/B testing for Interactive End Cards creative, enabling them to optimize performance for maximum results. For advertisers that don’t have their own creative, the company offers a Creative Services Lab made up of artists, designers and copywriters to develop premium creative assets that engage and entertain intended audiences.

Advertisers interested in running Tapjoy video or rich media campaigns featuring Interactive End Cards should work with their Tapjoy account manager or contact advertise@tapjoy.com.

About Tapjoy

Tapjoy’s Maximum Impact Platform™ provides mobile engagement and monetization services for leading advertisers and app developers. Advertisers rely on Tapjoy’s diverse suite of rewarded Interplay™ ads including video and rich media to impact performance. Developers utilize our technology and mobile expertise to acquire and monetize users. The Tapjoy SDK is currently embedded in over 20,000 mobile apps, reaching 600 million monthly active users. A 2016 comScore™ study confirmed Tapjoy Interplay ads deliver an unprecedented 3x lift across all brand metrics. The company works with Fortune 500 brands and the Top 200 grossing app developers. Founded in 2007, Tapjoy is a global organization with more than a dozen offices worldwide and is headquartered in San Francisco.

* Innovid; 2016 Global Video Benchmarks; February, 2016; https://www.iab.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Innovid_2016_Advanced_Video_Benchmarks_Final_US_Updated_2_26_16.pdf

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