November 5th, 2019

Tapjoy Joins the Coalition Against Ad Fraud

Tapjoy CAAF


By teaming up with the CAAF, Tapjoy is furthering its commitment to eradicating mobile ad fraud.

At Tapjoy, our goal is to connect advertisers with audiences using engaging, effective, and innovative mobile ad solutions. That also means we’re dedicated to improving the mobile ecosystem at large, and a big part of that is fighting fraud within the mobile advertising industry. That’s why we’re so thrilled to announce that we’ve joined the Coalition Against Ad Fraud (CAAF), an organization formed by Adjust to educate the industry about ad fraud and create measures to fight it.

The CAAF recently celebrated its two-year anniversary; in the time since its 2017 founding, the organization has worked with a number of companies in the mobile industry to create a healthy alliance of networks in the fight against mobile ad fraud. This includes initiatives like Click Validation, an innovative fraud-prevention solution that matches impression data to clicks.

In a statement, Tapjoy’s EVP of Global Ad Sales Sarah Chafer said,

“We are extremely proud to be an official member of the Coalition Against Ad Fraud program. Our focus at Tapjoy is to combat mobile ad fraud by implementing stringent quality standards to maintain a trusted and premium ad platform for our global partners. We commend Adjust for leading the industry forward to ensure a transparent & brand-safe ecosystem for all players.”

With more than 950 million active users per month and an SDK used in over 30,000 apps, Tapjoy is a leading mobile ad platform that specializes in creating meaningful engagement between ads and users. Our partnership with the CAAF will allow us to continue elevating the mobile advertising industry by fighting commonly used types of advertising fraud, enabling us to deliver accurate results. We’re proud to be part of this ongoing effort, and commend Adjust for creating this much-needed coalition.

Looking to get started with a mobile measurement partner? Check out our guide, “How To Choose A Mobile Measurement Partner” to learn more, and turn to the experts at Tapjoy to launch your own successful mobile ad campaign.


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