Tapjoy Invites Parse Developers To Try A Better Push Notification Service

n case you hadn’t heard, Facebook will be shutting down its Parse hosted app service next January, so if your app is currently using Parse you’ll want to begin migrating to another service as soon as possible. If you were one of the developers relying on Parse to send push notifications, we invite you to check out Tapjoy’s push offering instead and join the more than 1,200 apps that have already used our push service to send more than 5.7 billion notifications to date.

Send Push Campaigns to Targeted User Segments

With Tapjoy’s granular segmentation capabilities, we make it easy to send push notifications whether you want them delivered to your entire user base, a targeted user segment, or just one person. For example, with Tapjoy you can create user segments based on monetization characteristics such as spenders vs. non-spenders, on engagement behaviors such as level progression and session frequency, or on basic identifiers such as region, referral source, and device type. Read our post about “Segmenting Your Audience to Drive Engagement and Monetization” to learn more about our segmentation capabilities.

Take Targeting to the Next Level with Predictive Analytics

We don’t quit at great user-level segmentation. Beyond just targeting users based on their previous behaviors in your app, we use predictive analytics to help you send push notifications to users based on their future behaviors as well. That’s right — our Future Value Map™ helps developers determine which users probably won’t ever spend a dime in your app versus which users are likely to make an in-app purchase some day. Tapjoy offers the only push notification service that allows developers to predict the future value of each user and take action against each cohort. Read more here to find out why Tapjoy’s Future Value Map is such a game changer.

Increase Conversions with a Frictionless UX

Our push notification services provide a seamless, friction-free user experience as well. Our first-to-market “Push-to-Earn

” capabilities enable users to swipe on a notification and be taken directly to the Offerwall or our Direct Play videos so they can start earning rewards right away, rather than being directed to the home screen and having to find their way from there, like most solutions.

Tapjoy Push is Free When You Monetize With Us

If this were an infomercial, here’s the part of the pitch where we would ask, “What would you expect to pay for all these great services?” Many platforms charge for push notification delivery, whether a flat fee or on a per-notification basis, even though they don’t offer nearly the depth and breadth of our push offering. But Tapjoy provides all of this completely free for developers who integrate our SDK and monetize through our Personalized Monetization Platform.

Tapjoy’s Push Notification services are truly the state-of-the art in marketing technology. So if you’re a Parse developer currently looking to migrate to another push provider, or even if you’ve never used Parse but are looking for a better, smarter way to send push notifications, contact us today to learn more about how we can take your app business to the next level.

Oh, and don’t worry that we’ll abandon push the way Facebook did Parse: push is an integral part of our monetization platform, and we are committed to helping developers use the most effective channels to reach their users both in and out of their app.

As a bonus, you can learn about best practices when sending push notifications by reading our blog post on “6 Ways to Maximize Your Push Notification Strategy.”

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