December 2nd, 2019

Recent Tapjoy Case Studies Prove Offerwalls Drive Maximum eCPMs, ROAS, and Player Engagement

Offerwall Case Studies


In today’s increasingly crowded mobile gaming space, players are often confounded by choice. Most are content to cycle through the top-ten lists, seldom exploring beyond. In fact, 80-90 percent of mobile apps are abandoned after just a single use — it takes a staggering combination of novelty and utility to win a spot on the home screen. For mobile game publishers, increased stagnancy and competition have driven the cost of user acquisition higher than ever. To compensate, UA marketers and game developers are both prioritizing quality over quantity.

  1. How the offerwall drives value for publishers
  2. How the offerwall drives value for UA marketers
  3. How the offerwall drives value for players

What does quality look like in today’s mobile gaming space? For publishers, it means high fill rates and high eCPMs. For UA managers, it means attracting high-value users whose LTV outstrips the cost of acquisition. Simply put, they want to see a positive return on ad spend (ROAS).

Enter the offerwall. A mainstay of the mobile monetization world, these ad storefronts are once again having a moment. Since their inception, offerwalls have been praised as a premium monetization tactic. Unfortunately, as low-quality imitation products crowded the space, some began to fear that offerwalls negatively impact the user experience. At Tapjoy, however, we’ve stayed loyal to the tenets that have differentiated our offerwall from the beginning:

  • We list quality offers from reputable brands.
  • We leverage advanced targeting and curate offers for relevance.
  • We offer a premium, customizable user interface.

It’s that simple. And now, new data confirms that the Tapjoy offerwall delivers the best of both worlds for both marketers and publishers and more importantly, our players.

How the offerwall drives value for publishers

For publishers that rely heavily on advertising revenue, the offerwall provides a way to monetize users who do not make in-app purchases. In every game, there is a segment of users that wants to keep playing, but simply won’t invest in the virtual currency they need to do so. Rewarded advertising is invaluable to this cohort. It’s essentially a free ticket to ride.

Despite being an opt-in ad format, the offerwall still sees high engagement: A staggering 62% of players* who open the offerwall once will do so again. For publishers, offerwalls open a door to unprecedented ad revenue. Moreover, offerwalls lead the industry in eCPMs because advertisers are willing to pay more for the quality users they attract.

*Tapjoy Consumer Survey Data, 2019

Case Study Results:

  • Not all offerwalls deliver the same value — A Thinking Ape more than doubled its offerwall revenue when it switched to Tapjoy. They also saw dramatic improvements when it comes to customer support. Customer service call volume decreased to almost zero thanks to Tapjoy’s dedicated customer support team Read the full case study

“One of the best parts about working with Tapjoy is that they provide full-service customer support for players. My team’s inbox used to be flooded with offerwall support requests – now that number has gone down to zero.” – Caroline Lee, Marketing Producer, A Thinking Ape

How the offerwall drives value for UA marketers

Our offerwall is optimized for performance marketing. That means that advertisers never pay for impressions — they pay for results. And as results go, our CPE (sometimes known as PPE) product far exceeds the majority of performance ad products available on the market today. In a CPE campaign, players are incentivized to install a game and complete pre-determined milestones within the app. For UA managers, that means the game itself acts as a lure, attracting only those players who actually enjoy interacting with the app. The result is that every completed engagement equates to a quality user.

Case Study Results:

  • Mechanist Games observed that over 10% of players acquired through our CPE product (sometimes referred to as PPE) achieved 7-day retention — a number that far outstrips the typical benchmark. Read the full case study here.
  • Meanwhile, publisher FunPlus exceeded its ROAS goal by 58% with CPE, encouraging them to increase their ad spend by 10x. Read the full case study here.

“CPE brings us better user retention and ROAS. It’s working so wonderfully for our games and we will always consider Tapjoy a top partner.” – Daphne Li, User Acquisition Director, FunPlus Games

How the offerwall drives value for players

In a recent survey of our global userbase, we asked 16.5K players for their honest opinions on the offerwall. In the process, we uncovered valuable insights to inform our product roadmap — we understand that when players are happy, everyone else is happy too. Here are a few of the responses:

  • 55% of players said they like having the option of the offerwall and rewarded video to acquire virtual currency. 33% favor the offerwall exclusively. Meanwhile, just 12% said they preferred to make in-app payments.
  • 54% of players said they were more likely to visit the offerwall than watch rewarded videos outside the offerwall.
  • 45% of players said they would stop playing their favorite mobile game if it suddenly removed its offerwall.

From this data, it’s clear that offerwalls are the definition of a value exchange. For marketers, they offer an opportunity to meet players on their turf and reward them for high-value engagements. For publishers, offerwalls monetize a segment of users that would otherwise not contribute to revenue. For players, the offerwall is a ticket to keep on playing.


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