Tapjoy: ‘Brand Advertising Is Coming’ To Mobile

“When you want to find out what’s going on with mobile advertising, there’s no better place to get that information than with a company that deals with a wide variety of mobile advertisers on a daily basis. That describes Tapjoy perfectly. The company has an enormous network, as befits a firm that calls itself “the leading Marketing Automation Platform to monetize mobile freemium apps.” Tapjoy has 10,000+ active apps, a 520 million global monthly reach, 4.23 million daily ad conversions, and over 1 billion total app downloads.

Paul Longhenry, SVP of strategy, corporate and business development for Tapjoy, spoke recently with [a]listdaily about the current and future state of the mobile games and mobile advertising industries.”

Read the full article here: http://tap.tj/vpaN303Xu42

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