November 2nd, 2018

Tapjoy and Tapdaq: Joining Forces For Better Mobile Monetization



We here at Tapjoy are pleased to announce that we have acquired Tapdaq, the ad mediation and app monetization platform! This partnership is part of our continuing mission to provide app and game developers with the industry’s most cutting-edge tools to monetize mobile content and audiences.

Since its founding in 2012, Tapdaq has partnered with the industry’s top demand sources to enable access to the world’s leading advertisers. It helps mobile developers maximize revenue through ad mediation, and retain valuable users through cross promotion campaigns. Its platform uses real-time bid data from SDK-based demand sources to offer unbiased and fully transparent ad mediation, ensuring that the highest paying campaign wins every available impression for developers.

By joining forces with Tapdaq, our ultimate goal is to integrate its impressive services with our Maximum Impact Platform – benefitting all of our users!

“Tapdaq is leading the way for programmatic ad mediation that puts the developer’s needs front and center,” said Steve Wadsworth, CEO of Tapjoy. “Tapdaq’s philosophy of providing an unbiased and transparent auction is crucial to building developer trust and fits perfectly with our own goals and beliefs. We are excited to welcome the entire Tapdaq team to the Tapjoy family, and we look forward to rolling out a unified solution that benefits the entire developer community.”

“Tapjoy was an important partner of ours as we built the ad monetization platform that came to be trusted by so many leading app developers,” said Ted Nash, CEO of Tapdaq. “We are thrilled to join the Tapjoy team and to work closely with them to bring the most powerful and sophisticated app monetization tools to the market.”

Its London HQ will join forces with our Tapjoy London team to integrate their services with our full-service Maximum Impact Platform. The Tapjoy team has enjoyed working with Tapdaq in the past, and are thrilled to welcome its London office to our network!

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