Tap Into Our Team: Navid Akbal

Meet Navid Akbal, Sr. Integrations Engineer here at Tapjoy. Navid is largely responsible for handling global integration issues and technical support for our US/EMEA Developer Relations and Ad Operations teams.

What is on your wish list for the next 5 years with Tapjoy?
While attending a quarterly Town Hall meeting, I’ll see my name listed under “5 years”; I am sure by then, I will have learned a lot about the company’s culture, norms, product, and technology. On the career growth and learning side, I would like to be an expert in AdTech domain and be an integral part of this rapidly growing Tapjoy family. I would like to explore more areas and opportunities within the organization where I can expand my knowledge base and expertise.

How do you balance your career at Tapjoy and family?
Although being part of a technical support team is always a challenging task, (as it demands higher availability) Integrations is a global team that is spread across all of the major regions/time zones requires 24/7 support. Because of this, we can always feel relieved during after work hours and spend time with the family while having peace of mind. My family moved to the US in late winter last year and I equally enjoyed every new experience they explored during both the winter and the summer. It all was possible because of the way Tapjoy offered me a work-life balance environment.

Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career.
At the very start of my career, having a limited app-development experience and no professional job exposure, I was able to win a freelance project from a major publisher in the UK. I developed a few apps for them when they were looking to bring their titles to mobile devices. The very first app was featured on App Store and was a big hit. A handful of financial rewards for me right after being out of college was a very pleasant experience and provided me with great motivation for further growth in my career.

What is the one quality you feel best describes you?
I would say striving for growth through continuous learning and never getting satisfied. Although it provides some career benefits over the long run, sometimes it can feel overwhelming; this feels like it is built into me and has become a natural thing.

When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time?
I am into spirituality recently and I try to spare some time where I can give deeper thought into the universe, myself and the people around. Pondering how everything in the universe works, relates to each other, operates, and the purpose behind every creation, gives me the opportunity to learn and appreciate the world and people. I always seek to find related books and experiences of other people on this topic and love to read in my spare time.

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