Tap Into Our Team: Moazeem Hossain

Meet Moazeem Hossain, Tapjoy’s Ad Operations Team Lead at our London UK office.


What is your greatest strength in your current job?

I have a great team behind me, their awesomeness makes my job really easy! I’ve been able to get involved in so much more because I can trust them to excel at the job they do.


Who has influenced you the most professionally and why?

George Foreman. He taught me there’s no limit to what you can do, no matter where you’re from. Becoming the oldest heavyweight champ, and then making a great grill? What a legend!


What sets Tapjoy apart from other companies?

A lot of companies like to call themselves a family, but I truly believe Tapjoy lives that. Like all families, we have our falling outs and issues, but I love how we all come together to deliver. There’s a lack of differentiation that means that wherever you are working, you can be part of the bigger picture.


What advice would you give a new Tapjoy employee?

Get involved in everything you can. There is so much going on and so much to learn. Don’t miss anything!


What is your favorite quote?

When in Rome…


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