Tap Into Our Team: Jia Feng

Meet Jia Feng, our Data Science Engineering Manager here at Tapjoy. Jia is largely responsible for anything related to the optimization service, communicating with external teams, and keeping the team productive and motivated.

Tell us something about your role that you wish people understood.

Our data science engineering team is a group of engineers in charge of a high throughput low latency service that provides ad optimizations, targeting, personalization and helps productionize data scientists’ ideas and experiments. We are engineering focused and with essential data analyzing skills at the same time. Most of our projects are data-driven, and rely on proper data feedback loop to keep the algo running and evolving.

What’s the coolest, most interesting thing you’re working on right now?

We are working on a few real time bidding projects (direct integration and programmatic mediation). These projects require shorter response time and need to compete with other ad networks and exchanges to gain a supply. This type of restriction and uncertainty make these projects interesting and challenging.

How do you define success?

It’s a hard question, to me, I think success means setting realistic goals and taking action to achieve them.

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?

I like traveling and trying out new restaurants.

If you had to delete all but 3 apps from your smartphone, which ones would you keep?

Slack, Gmail, Instagram.

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