Tap Into Our Team: Aaron Thandi

Meet Aaron Thandi, Senior Manager, Performance Sales from our Santa Barbara office.

How does working at Tapjoy challenge and encourage you to do your best at work?

Managing a team of unique personalities, who in turn manage a diverse group of advertisers, presents a variety of challenges, which keeps me on my toes. Fortunately, our offering is very compelling and Tapjoy as a company delivers consistently which grows confidence in our solution, allowing me to continuously raise the bar for the team so we are all on a path of professional and personal growth. Great people make a great company and I’m proud to be apart of this one!

How do you find your work life balance?

Living in Santa Barbara means that everything is only 5 minutes away, including the commute to work! This really helps when it comes to work life balance. In addition, the team is pretty efficient and streamlined so we are able to get a lot done during working hours – but being in sales means offering exceptional client service, so I’m always keeping a close eye on emails after hours to make sure our Tapjoy ship is sailing smoothly.

What is your favorite thing working out of the Santa Barbara office?

The culture, which is defined by the people. We have a small, close-knit team here and definitely operate a “work hard, play hard” mentality, which has proven to be successful over the years. It’s a great place to be – come and visit us!

What is your all time favorite movie and why?

Big fan of the MCU. Hard to pick one, but I’ll go with Avengers Infinity War. Strong backbone to the movie with a 10-year build up. Nerdy, I know… 🙂

If you could have superhero powers what would it be?

Flight – Superman / Neo style.

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