Tapjoy was recognized in Singular’s ROI Index yet again, showcasing our growth regionally and globally.

Here at Tapjoy, we pride ourselves on being the platform of choice for the world’s best mobile developers and advertisers, especially when it comes to performance-driven growth. That’s why we were excited to open up the 2019 Singular ROI Index and discover that we’d rocketed into 8th place among top media sources, up from our last year’s 15th place ranking.

What is the Singular ROI study?

Singular’s ROI Index is a massive study of $1.5 billion in ad spend from over 700 unique media sources. But unlike other reports which emphasize overall revenue or network size, the Index puts a laser-focus on ROI. It combines marketing campaign data, mobile attribution, and customer data to provide these highly granular insights.

Other rankings that have us excited:

“I’m immensely proud of our performance teams around the world who put so much effort into increasing our efforts with mobile developers and advertisers,” Sarah Chafer, SVP of Global Performance at Tapjoy. “These results correlate with continued Year-On-Year growth that we fully expect to continue in the years ahead.”

You can download the full 2019 Singular ROI Index from this link for other rankings and insights in the mobile marketing field.

Want to brush up on more mobile app marketing fundamentals? Check out “What Is In-App Marketing?” and take a deep dive into tips for developing your own unique campaigns.

Tapjoy asked more than 4,000 mobile gamers in the US how gaming fits into their Super Bowl viewing plans, and we discovered a major overlap between Super Bowl and mobile gaming audiences. Many gamers will have their eyes on multiple screens during Super Bowl Sunday as they bounce back and forth between the big game and the little ones on their mobile devices. Marketers looking to maximize their returns on this once-a-year brand awareness opportunity will need to ensure that their brand is everywhere their customers are, and our survey results suggest in-game ads are among the best options for getting in front of Super Bowl audiences.

90% of mobile gamers play while watching TV

No matter what’s on, our survey revealed that almost all mobile gamers enjoy playing games on their phones and tablets while watching TV. As the Superbowl game goes through its highs and lows, many viewers will turn to mobile games for entertainment in the pockets of time between big plays.

60% of mobile gamers plan to watch the Super Bowl

The majority of both male and female mobile gaming audiences plan to tune in for the big game, and with so many gamers filling their spare moments with mobile play time, mobile marketers of all stripes have a fantastic opportunity to capture their attention at a cost-effective rate.

53% of female mobile gamers plan to watch the Super Bowl

Advertisers looking to connect with female audiences through in-app ads will have ample opportunity during the Super Bowl. More than half of female gamers surveyed planned to watch the event and 49% planned to include 1-5 hours of mobile gaming in their viewing plans, giving advertisers no shortage of chances to capture customer attention.

Super Bowl audiences prefer to engage with three key ad categories

Super bowl audiences are primed for all manner of ads, but marketers working in a few key categories have the greatest chances for success due to preexisting audience interest. Mobile gamers reported the highest interest in ads for the following categories:

  1. Movie Trailers & Entertainment
  2. Mobile Games or Apps
  3. Food & Beverage

80% of heavy mobile gamers watch the Super Bowl for the halftime show or commercials

Everyone loves a good halftime spectacle, and the most engage mobile gamers are no exception. Audiences that are primed and ready for quality storytelling are yet another reason marketers will want to ensure that their brand has a broad media footprint during the festivities.

70% of male mobile gamers play mobile games either during the game or at the commercial breaks

Mobile games are designed to offer bite-sized entertainment to players, making them an ideal fit for filling the moments when the game slows down or when televised commercials fail to capture audience attention. Males in particular have no problem getting in a few extra play sessions while the game is on.

40% of gamers prefer to engage with ads that provide rewards above any other format

Rewarded ads like offerwalls and other value exchange formats remain the favorite way for mobile gamers to “pay” for their experiences, with video ads and interactive/playable ads coming in second and third places respectively. With ads like these integrated seamlessly into mobile gaming experiences, advertisers can connect with immersed and attentive audiences, even during the most lively Super Bowl celebrations.

65% of mobile gamers say they’re most likely to engage with ads that are funny

If you can make your audience laugh, you’ll have little trouble capturing their attention. Both male and female audiences said they were most likely to engage with ads that tickled their funny bone, which shouldn’t be a problem when the Super Bowl drinks are flowing!

Ready to connect with mobile gamers during the Super Bowl? Contact a Tapjoy growth expert and get started today!

Tapjoy has recently been ranked among the top advertising networks for hyper-casual games in the world.

Here at Tapjoy, we’ve spent lots of time working on hyper-casual games, the mobile sub-category that practically became an overnight sensation. We’ve partnered with some of the world’s most successful hyper-casual publishers to deliver high-value marketing campaigns — now we can safely say it’s paid off for everyone involved.

Earlier this month, the good folks at Tenjin published their 2018 hyper-casual benchmark report, a comprehensive analysis of 240 million game installs using in-house data. While reading, we spotted a great shout-out for Tapjoy: we’re one of the top hyper-casual user acquisition networks in the world, and among the most cost-effective advertising platforms. Wow!

We’re absolutely thrilled to learn Tapjoy has played such a major role in developing the hyper-casual genre, and would like to assure you we’re not stopping here. We’ll continue to leverage our powerful advertising technology to help marketers from publishers large and small, while helping you best engage with mobile audiences. We also publish our own in-depth white papers, showing marketers how to connect with a wide range of high value audiences.

Don’t forget to take a look at Tenjin’s full report, which has all kinds of fascinating details and insights. (Did you know Mexico is one of the most cost-effective nations for iOS publishers?) If you’d like to find out how Tapjoy can help your hyper-casual game or campaign, please reach out today!

Ludia’s Jurassic World Alive will join games like Marvel Avengers Academy and Disney Heroes: Battle Mode on our advertising platform.

Tapjoy has been named the exclusive advertising provider for Jurassic World Alive! Starting today, Tapjoy is the exclusive provider of all video and offerwall ads for this popular game.

In case you haven’t played it (and you should!) Jurassic World Alive is an augmented reality game developed by Ludia in partnership with Universal Games and Digital Platforms. Once installed, Alive lets players explore their neighborhood using smartphone cameras to find dinosaurs previously featured in Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Since its launch on May 24, 2018, it has become a Top 5 free game in over 30 countries, generated 11 million installs, and earn a combined user rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from Google Play and the App Store.

“We chose Tapjoy as the exclusive provider of ad-based monetization for Jurassic World Alive because the team has proven it can deliver on our needs for big-brand ad demand and highly engaging ad experiences,” said Francois Daoud, Vice President of Marketing at Ludia. “Tapjoy’s Interplay Ads extend and complement our unique game while giving our players a simple and exciting way to take part in the app’s virtual economy.”

Jurassic World Alive is just one of hundreds of games from successful mobile publishers to be featured on our platform. Some of the most recent examples include Voodoo’s Tornado.io, PerBlue Entertainment’s Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, TinyCo’s Marvel Avengers Academy, and Playgendary’s Tomb of the Mask.

“We are very excited to work with Ludia and Universal to power the in-game advertising for Jurassic World Alive,” said Benjamin Chen, Tapjoy’s SVP & GM, Global Developer Relations. “By bringing some of the biggest brands and best ad creative to a game with such popular Intellectual Property, we are once again proving the power of rewarded advertising to deliver value for all parties involved — the publisher, advertisers and consumers as well.”

Tapjoy’s platform serves 780 million mobile consumers per month, and generates an average of over 40 million completed ad engagements per day. We’re immensely excited to welcome Ludia and Jurassic World Alive to our mobile games network!

Tapjoy surveyed 13,500 mobile gamers to determine their play habits, shopping plans, and rewarded ad engagement for the holiday season.

Tapjoy’s 2017 Holiday Gaming Trends Report was a valuable resource that helped marketers understand the preferences and behaviors of mobile players. Such insights remain incredibly important today, especially as millennial demographics drive change in how media is consumed and products are purchased.

For these reasons, we’re pleased to announce The 2018 Guide To Engaging The Holiday Mobile Gamer.  We’ve compiled the latest data on this fast-paced mobile gaming field, generated insights on shopping habits of player demographics, and compared results with 2017  to see where the industry is headed.

Using proprietary survey and performance data, we’ve provided eye-opening insights on the following holiday trends:

To learn more, you can download the full report here. For more information on how Tapjoy can help maximize your revenue this holiday season, contact our team.