June 18th, 2018

Steve Wadsworth on Going Beyond Brand Safety to Achieve Brand Honesty

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If you haven’t seen the cover of this month’s Mobile Marketing Magazine, it features Tapjoy CEO Steve Wadsworth, standing high above the London city skyline as he discusses the current state of mobile advertising. Steve recently sat down with the magazine’s editor, David Murphy, to talk about everything from forging direct, one-to-one relationships with consumers and making sure ads are running in brand-safe environments to the power of value exchange ads for in-app videos.

A few of the more poignant quotes from the article include:

“The world is moving to a place where all businesses are looking to establish direct consumer relationships, and being able to reach, target and both acquire and manage relationships with those consumers is a core skill that any band or business needs to have.”

“Most brand advertisers buy media through an agency and trade desk or DSP programmatically on a CPM basis, and while the advertiser may say they care about completed vdeo views (CVVs), when they are buying on CPM it tells them nothing about that.”

“Ultimately, any smart marketer is going to want to be where the consumers are. So where are they? They are on mobile, they spend their time in apps, and the largest category of consumers in apps outside of social is games, so brands need to be where their customers and prospects are.”

To read the full cover story, head over to Mobile Marketing Magazine.


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