November 7th, 2018

Singles Day Sees Up To 50% Higher Mobile Ad Spend In APAC – How Can Publishers Leverage This Lucrative Opportunity?

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APAC advertisers increased their spend among select Tapjoy ad formats by more than 50% during Singles Day in 2017. Publishers hoping to take advantage of this year’s opportunity for increased ad revenue need to be prepared.

Singles Day is a popular holiday that began in China and quickly spread throughout the APAC region. It sees millions of lonely hearts celebrating their romantic solitude with parties, blind dates, and above all else: shopping. In 2017, Asian e commerce giant Alibaba set a world record for the most payment transactions during the festival, with more than $25.4 billion USD in spending processed.

Fortunately for mobile publishers, this massive commercial spike equates to higher demand for quality ad impressions. It’s a time when brands are more willing than ever to pay top-dollar to connect with APAC audiences. This is especially so for publishers who use the Tapjoy offerwall to monetize their mobile titles. Tapjoy saw offerwall spending from APAC advertisers increase by more than 50% during the 2017 Singles Day celebrations. This translated to higher ad revenues for mobile publishers that were able to cultivate ad engagement among their APAC audiences during that time. It’s a welcome boost for many, especially with the holiday surge less than 60 days away. Any extra ad revenue that can be routed towards pre-holiday user acquisition is likely to pay dividends once peak spending season arrives in the West.

There are a number of options for publishers eager to take full advantage of the opportunity, all of which involve promoting ad engagement among APAC users during the celebration:

Run A Rewarded Ad Promotion

Publishers using rewarded ad placements to monetize their users can boost ad engagement by increasing payouts over the celebration. Offering double or even triple rewards is often enough to compel even those players who typically shy away from rewarded ads into engagement.

Run An In-App Sale

Publishers can approach the opportunity from another angle by offering substantial discounts on virtual goods sufficient enough to encourage users to seek out any extra digital currency they can. Rewarded ads and offerwall placements often see increased engagement when users are eager to take advantage of limited time offers.

Connect Through Push & Email

Whether you choose to run an in-app promotion or not, be sure to take this time to reach out through whatever channels you can to invite your users back into your game or app. Scheduled push notifications and email blasts can help keep your title stay top of mind during the holiday, ensuring that your APAC users are given every opportunity to engage with your ad placements.

Increase Interstitial Frequency

If you don’t use rewarded ad placements, consider increasing the frequency at which you show non-rewarded ads to your users during the festivities. Keep in mind, however, that this has the potential to negatively impact retention, and the risk should be weighed against the potential reward. If possible, limit your adjustments to APAC audiences, as Singles Day isn’t yet a global holiday.

The increasingly competitive nature of Singles Day is a prime opportunity for savvy publishers to leverage their users’ time and attention during one of the most lucrative advertising opportunities of the year. With a little preparation and forethought, publishers can look forward to a powerful bump in portfolio revenue, ultimately contributing to a strong fourth quarter to close out the year.

Want to learn more about rewarded ad strategies? Check out our Maximum Impact Report – Impact of Rewarded Ads on IAP Retention and Engagement and start seeing higher returns on your rewarded ad efforts!

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