October 4th, 2018

Sarah Chafer, SVP of Performance Sales, Discusses Rewarded Video Engagement With Apptopia

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Mind your metrics, know your audience, and address the entire funnel: these are the keys to fostering rewarded video engagement that Tapjoy’s SVP of Performance Sales, Sarah Chafer, recently shared with the mobile app marketing intelligence experts at Apptopia.

These and other tips were part of an extended conversation that came on the heels of mounting interest for in-app advertising from a new kind of advertiser. Traditionally the province of mobile app and game publishers, in-app advertising has established a beachhead among brands thanks to a growing number of successful campaigns, especially among entertainment and CPG industries. Tapjoy’s dedicated ad creative team, Interplay Studios, has been privileged enough to play a major role in strategizing, developing, and deploying many of these campaigns, including a series of interactive pieces promoting 20th Century Fox International’s major motion picture, Ferdinand, which marketing and advertising collective ThinkLA named the “Best Mobile Campaign” of the year.

The full piece includes details of how Tapjoy has been able to leverage its comprehensive audience research to learn what with audiences at all levels of granularity. And as Chafer explains, conventional wisdoms as to what creative is most likely to resonate are in need of an update: “44% of respondents say humorous content appeals to them when watching video ads on their mobile phones. This key component of a winning experience was followed by storytelling (28%), product demonstrations (26%) and special effects (24%). You might think that sex sells, but not with this crowd. Ads with sex appeal (13%) or a famous celebrity (13%) finished last.” These insights came from a recent Tapjoy study, The Modern Mobile Gamer: Advertising Preferences Revealed.

Chafer cited additional insights from the Tapjoy research team, particularly those pertaining to the likelihood of mobile gamers engaging with ads that offer them some form of value in return. “Consumers are also sold on opt-in ads that offer rewards, such as in-app currency (79%), over mandatory ads, such as pre-roll videos (21%). In fact, Tapjoy found three-quarters of consumers are likely to engage with reward video ads when presented with the opportunity. What’s more, over one-third of consumers surveyed said they would be ‘willing to watch 6 videos or more per day in exchange for a reward.’ The audience is there—so make it count.” Be sure to read the full piece in the Apptopia Blog.

We’re thrilled to continue sharing these and other insights with a growing audience of brand marketers. In-app brand advertising is a rapidly evolving discourse that we’re proud to be a part of, and Tapjoy’s talented team of in-app advertising veterans have also been featured in industry leading publications like [a]list daily and MartechSeries. We look forward to continuing the conversation!


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