July 30th, 2018

Recent Study Validates Rewarded Video as the Optimum Advertising Experience Amongst Consumers

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Article from 4-traders highlights findings from OpenX, Mobile Marketing Association and MediaMath’s nationwide survey on consumer preferred ad experiences.

Last week 4-traders released an article showcasing research from OpenX, Mobile Marketing Association and MediaMath revealing rising consumer interest in more relevant, rewarding advertising experiences. As pioneers in the rewarded advertising space, seeing additional research from our industry partners continuing to validate and support this model is always exciting. The article highlights results from a nationwide consumer survey, data from MediaMath opt-in video campaigns and responses from over 100 global marketers outlining their ever-changing approach to opt-in video.

Although it’s no surprise the survey yielded results consistent with challenges marketers are currently facing (consumers feeling overwhelmed by the volume of ads or lack of relevancy), other findings further support a more catered, engaged and rewarding experience. Not only on the consumer side, but the industry looks to be following suit as well. 65 percent of marketers surveyed said they plan to increase spending on opt-in video in 2019.

On the topic of opt-in video, the survey featured more key findings focused on the opportunity to expand opt-in video beyond gaming, the opportunity for deeper engagement and the power of the mobile environment. Sheryl Daija, Chief Strategy Officer of the MMA, practically took the words out of our mouth when she said, “Opt-in video has the potential to drive the next wave of consumer engagement, and it’s an example of how the mobile advertising industry is evolving and pushing the larger digital media industry forward.”

To learn more about how rewarded advertising fits into your advertising strategy contact our sales team here. For OpenX’s full length report see: The Consumer Engagement Crossroads!


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