May 11th, 2017

Product Update: Introducing Publisher-Level Reporting

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If you’re a publisher with multiple apps, it’s imperative to get a top-level overview of how all of your apps are performing from a growth and monetization perspective. That’s why, starting today, we have made Publisher-Level Reporting available to all of our publishing partners.

Publisher-Level Reporting provides app publishers with a comprehensive report of the overall health of all apps in their portfolio. From one centralized dashboard, Tapjoy publishers can now get a complete view of the KPIs across their entire business.

Previously, publishers could only view metrics at the app level, but Publisher-Level Reporting allows them to quickly and easily analyze performance across the board by looking at either aggregate or average performance for all of their apps. Reports for individual apps can still be accessed through a simple drop-down menu.

Here’s a quick overview of what can be found in our Publisher-Level Reporting:

DAU: Aggregate DAU, New Users and Returning Users of all of your apps, without user deduplication across apps, based on each app’s time-zone. For example, if a user plays three of the partner’s apps, we will count that user three times.Installs & Sessions: Aggregate Installs and Sessions of all of your apps without user deduplication based on each app’s calendar day, regardless of time-zone.IAP Revenue: Aggregate IAP revenue across all apps in your portfolio, provided in US dollars based on the calendar day of each app.Ad Revenue: Total ad revenue across all apps, provided as a sum based on UTC time zone, regardless of original time-zone of the app.Aggregate Ad Details: A summary of all advertising details, provided as a sum based on UTC time zone, regardless of original time-zone of the app.Ad Type Details: Provides detailed graphs by Ad Type, including Offerwall,, Video and Interstitials. Each metric in the Ad Type graphs are provided as a sum based on UTC, regardless of original time-zone of the app.

Access to Publisher-Level Reporting is available automatically to Admin accounts. Staff, Operator, and Read Only accounts do not have access to this feature. To add or modify your Admin accounts, you can do so on the Permissions page.

For questions on how to read or access Publisher-Level Reporting, contact your Tapjoy account manager or email us at


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