Paving the way for mobile at E3

There’s no two ways about it: everybody knows E3 is traditionally a console show. And as 2017 demonstrated again, E3 continues to be dominated by console. On the showroom floor, the presence of mobile merely dotted a landscape overwhelmed by a sea of console, VR and AR. But if you look beyond the doors of the convention center — beyond the large, glowing, big budget booths — you’ll see that the mobile presence at E3 is indeed growing.

Tucked away in meetings aside from the buzz of the showroom floor, mobile leaders are increasingly converging on E3 to collaborate, network, and chart the future for a medium that is undeniably captivating more time, investment, and attention from gamers than ever before. Just take a look at the numbers. The value of the mobile gaming market is projected to overtake console this year and outpace it by about 12% in 2020. In 2017, mobile games are expected to generate $46.1 billion, or 42% of all global game revenues. By 2020, this number is anticipated to skyrocket to $64.9 billion.

It’s perhaps little surprise, since our mobile devices are increasingly becoming an extension of ourselves. They are arguably the one thing — save our wallet or ID — that we carry everywhere we go: to work, from work, during lunch, waiting in lines. At any moment, your mobile device is just an arm’s length away — so accessing a mobile game is as easy as reaching for your pocket, no additional hardware needed.

Even the recent Mary Meeker report confirmed that we’re spending more of our waking hours on mobile than ever before. The average adult now spends a little over 3 hours every day on their mobile device, more time than desktop and other connected devices (which includes console) combined. So even if the mobile footprint at E3 continues to take place more so in meeting rooms, than in booths, for the near future, it’s impossible to ignore the overwhelming significance that mobile plays to the world of gaming as a whole. Publishers know this, and we know this — which is why Tapjoy’s team seized upon the opportunity to meet with our gaming partners at the show.

We had a fantastic time in LA catching up with friends and making new connections — and an even better time celebrating the show over dinner with our partners! As the sun set on the second day of E3, our team decked out the patio of downtown LA’s Redbird to welcome our mobile gaming partners for an evening of food, drinks and great conversation. Many thanks to our partners for making it such a great event — we hope to see you soon at Casual Connect!


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