Part 2 of 3: Rewarded Ads Can Boost User Sessions By 89% or More

Tapjoy’s newest Maximum Impact Report revealed users who watched 20+ videos in their first two weeks doubled their average sessions over the next 30 days.

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In case you missed our latest Maximum Impact Report, the data shows that rewarded videos bring a whole lot more value to mobile apps beyond the direct revenue they generate. There’s the profound impact on in-app spend, which, as we detailed in part one of our blog series, increases by as much as 8x for users who watch a lot of rewarded videos. And then there’s the impact on retention, which we’ll describe in a future blog post. But for now, let’s examine the effect rewarded ads have on user sessions and overall engagement.

To quickly recap, our Maximum Impact Report examines the question, “Do users become more (or less) valuable to app publishers as they complete more ads?” To find the answers, we looked at millions of users across ten high-volume apps. After first cohorting users based on the number of rewarded ads they completed during their initial two weeks, we then measured their average performance for in-app spend, user sessions and 30-day retention during the following 30 days.

Just as with the other two metrics, we found that the more rewarded advertisements a mobile app user completes, the higher their engagement metrics climb.

Rewarded Ads and User Sessions

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