January 15th, 2019

Mobile gaming is more popular – and more profitable – than ever before

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Smartphones are the most popular gaming platform, with a market expected to grow into 2022 and beyond.

It turns out America’s most popular gaming platform isn’t an Xbox, PlayStation, or even a Nintendo Switch. It’s actually your standard smartphone, as outlined in a recent study from eMarketer.

The latest research has projected that mobile gaming will easily overtake console gaming in 2019, thanks to the 147.8 million players downloading titles from Google Play and the App Store. While console gaming will certainly maintain a strong presence, its 91 million players shows it’s far from universal.

What’s more interesting is that eMarketer offered several insights into mobile gaming’s future. Unlike most game platforms, smartphones attract a wide range of players across age, gameplay experience, and other demographic groups. This diverse audience grew significantly during 2018, when American mobile gamers accounted for 142.9 million customers. Current trends suggest this growth will continue into 2022, at which point players will represent 55.7% of all smartphone users.

This growth is expected to supply $94 billion dollars to mobile publishers and advertisers by the end of 2020 — so It’s no surprise that developers, publishers, and advertisers continue to embrace this high performing platform. One July study from the Jun Group even claims that 49% of customers believe gaming apps deploy the best advertisements. (Social media ads, by comparison, were only endorsed by 24% of users.) This is likely caused by the rise of rewarded videos as a popular gaming ad format that reward players for actively viewing advertisements.

Mobile game developers and marketers clearly have an exciting year ahead of them. To find out more about how Tapjoy can help you make the most of this growing market, get in touch with our talented team of game and app monetization experts.


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