February 14th, 2018

Mobile Game Marketers Share Video Ad Strategies for 2018

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What are the emerging video ad formats that mobile game publishers should be aware of this year? Tapjoy’s Sarah Chafer chats to [a]list daily. 

What are the emerging video ad formats that mobile game publishers should be aware of when allocating their budgets for the upcoming year? Several industry leaders, including Tapjoy’s own VP Performance Sales, Sarah Chafer, share their thoughts with [a]list daily.

According to Chafer, while “YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are excellent sources of user acquisition”, they are “inherently different environments than mobile games”, explaining that rewarded ads placed in other games often offer developers the best opportunity for discovery.

Why? Because in a game, players clearly understand that they’re watching videos in exchange for in-game currency, boosts or other benefits. “Not only does this defined value exchange generally drive greater advertiser return on investment, but studies have shown that consumers are in a more relaxed and open state of mind when playing mobile games than when engaging with social networks, so they are more receptive to hearing advertising messages,” she added.

This relationship means that video ads within mobile games have better engagement, higher completion rates and ultimately bring in better quality users. There are no wasted impressions when it comes to using mobile games because publishers know that the audience is already interested in gaming.

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